Carmel Plan Commission

Carmel Plan Commission


Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 Department Report

2. Docket No. PZ-2021-00164 DP/ADLS: Guidepost Montessori.

The applicant seeks site plan and design for a new daycare facility. The site is located at 10216 North Michigan Road within West Carmel Commons Subdivision, Lot 3. It is zoned B-2/Business and is located within the US 421 Overlay Zone (as part of original development 11120029 DP/PP). Filed by Chris Horney of Murphy Real Estate Services.

*Updates to the Report are written in blue Project Overview:

The Petitioner proposes to construct a new childcare facility. The two parcels to the east and part of this commercial subdivision (Outback Steakhouse and First Merchants’ Bank) are zoned B-2/Business and are within the US-421 Overlay. To the west is a detention facility and vacant land, platted as part of Park Northwestern commercial subdivision. To the south are I-1/Industrial zoned properties, with wooded land, parking lot, RCI office building, and an Olive Garden restaurant. The parcel to the north is zoned I-1/Industrial and is within the US 421 Overlay (Terry Pool Co., Inc.). Please see the Petitioner’s Information packet for more details.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Standards this project MEETS:

US 421 Overlay Zone:

• Permitted use: Day Nursery/Day Care Facility

• Architectural Design Theme: complementary to Georgian style

• Building Offsets – 8’ required at intervals of 60’ if wall is

90’ long or greater, this is provided

• Building materials chosen – brick, stone, wood siding, glass, shingled roof proposed

• Minimum site acreage for DP: 3 acres required; 4.52 acres proposed through overall DP for site (Docket No.

11120029 DP/PP)

• Minimum Lot Area for a Day Care use (UDO Article

5.49): 1 acre required; 1.71 acres provided

• Vehicular parking: 37 spaces required; 41 spaces provided

• Minimum side yard: 20’ required, 65.8’ north proposed and 60.74’ south proposed

• Minimum rear yard: 15’ required, 43.27’ proposed west

• Minimum gross floor area: 2,500 sq. ft. required; 10,985 sq. ft. provided

• Lighting plan meets 0.3 footcandle maximum at property lines

• Trash Enclosure design to match principal building


• Minimum Lot width: 50’ required, 298’ provided

• Maximum Building Height: 35’ allowed,

16’ 4.25” (mean height) proposed

• Bicycle parking: 6 spaces required & 12 provided

• Maximum Lot Coverage: 90% allowed,

50.9% proposed

UDO Standards NOT MET, therefore variances are required:

• Minimum building height: 20’ (mean height) required, 16’ 4.25” proposed

• Bufferyard landscaping reductions: North – short 5 shade trees and 8 shrubs

• Bufferyard Landscaping reductions: West – short 7 shade trees and 10 shrubs

Site Plan, Parking and Engineering: This is the remaining parcel within the West Carmel Commons commercial subdivision, which was originally approved in 2012. At that time, Retail Parkway was extended west to the edge of the RCI property (parcel immediately south of the subject petition). The Thoroughfare Plan calls for Retail Parkway to continue to the west and then turn south to connect to Mayflower Park Drive. However, RCI currently owns the land where these improvements would be constructed. Until they make changes to their building or site, these improvements are not likely to be constructed. Therefore, the vehicular entrance for this rear parcel is on the bank’s property, with a dedicated easement to allow access. This was part of the original development plan. The Petitioner proposes to extend the south driveway to enter their parcel and create a loop of parking and site circulation. At the north end of the parking lot, there is another location to connect to the adjacent parking area. The Petitioner has now reestablished this vehicular connection.

Active Transportation: There is an existing path along Retail Parkway that dead ends into this site. The Petitioner will continue the 10’ wide path along their property line to connect to a sidewalk that will lead to the front door of the building and all around the building. The path has now been extended west to the end of their property. Another sidewalk will be provided through the center of the site, to partially line up with the sidewalk provided through the center of the two sites to the east. The Petitioner has now added a new sidewalk connection in the planting bed to direct people safely to the sidewalk to the east. Six bicycle racks are provided to the south of the front door, which can house 12 bikes.

Architectural Design: The design of the building is complementary to the Georgian architectural style. Some of these features are formal stone quoins of the columns, enhancement of the window headers and window muntin (pane) patterning, cornice line and frieze board detail (adjacent to the roofline), and dormers in line with windows below. The building will be constructed of brick (red/brown color) with a decorative stone as the base in the “country blend” color. A limestone sill is proposed between the decorative base stone and the brick. Siding will be an accessory material used on the dormers and fronts of the gables in a silver color. The roof will have asphalt shingles on the main roof in a gray color.

The height of the building is 16’ 4.25”. Because of the pitched roof, the height is measured at the mean of the eave and the ridges. The overall building height is 23’ to the top of the mechanical screen. 20’ is the minimum height requirement per the US 421 Overlay zone, so a variance will be required. The dumpster enclosure is located at the northeast corner of the site. It will be constructed of stone and brick to match the building. The gates will be constructed of cedar boards.

No other accessory buildings are located on the site.

Lighting: Decorative lantern style wall sconces will be provided at the entry on the east side of the building, as well as the bump out just north of the entry. Architectural wall sconces (down lights) will be provided over all exit doors around the sides and rear of the building. The parking lot will be lit by 2 pole lights placed around the site at 24’ tall, which is the maximum height allowed. The photometric plan is in full compliance with the maximum 0.3 footcandle limit at the property lines.

Landscaping: The Petitioner has been working with the Urban Forester on the landscape plan. One request the Petitioner has made is to have fewer plantings along the rear (west) and side (north) of the parcel, which is adjacent to a retention pond and wooded/vacant areas. The reason for the request is to allow the maximum area for playground area and equipment for the children to play. Variances will be requested for these shortages (13 shade trees and 18 shrubs) and the Department will be supportive of that request. The Urban Forester is ready to stamp the Landscape Plan approved, subject to variance approval for reductions requested.

Signage: One wall sign is proposed over the front entry to the building. It will be flush mounted and internally illuminated. It is about 21 sq. ft. and appears to be about 49% of the height and 71% of the width of the spandrel panel area. A previous building façade was used for the signage specification sheets, so those will need to be updated to ensure compliance. A ground sign for the complex is currently installed along Michigan Road, and there is a place for a tenant panel for this petitioner on that sign. Sign permits will be required prior to installation.

DOCS Remaining Comments/Concerns: none.

November 16, 2021 Public Hearing Recap:

The Petitioner gave an overview of the project. No members of the public spoke in favor or against. Plan Commission members had questions about pick up and drop off procedures, the path along the south property frontage, protecting the trees adjacent to that path, the proposed fence surrounding the playground areas and ensuring people know how to get to the property. It was referred to the Commercial Committee meeting on December 7, 2021 with the Committee having final voting authority.

Recommendation: The Department of Community Services recommends the Commercial Committee votes to approve this item this evening.