Hamilton County Farmers, Meet Agoro Carbon Agronomist Alex Fiock

Local agronomist Alex Fiock has joined Agoro Carbon Alliance, a global business created for farmers and ranchers to earn additional revenue through changes to farming and ranching practices. Fiock will be serving the Hamilton County community offering insight on climate-smart agriculture practices.

Fiock, operating in northern and central Indiana, specializes in helping farmers and ranchers understand and adopt soil health promoting practices while adding additional revenue to their bottom line. He’s also passionate about being a farmer and broadening his understanding of agriculture, calling himself an “agvocate.”

“Hamilton County farmers have a unique opportunity to preserve soil health for future generations while earning additional revenue on the side,” said Fiock. “I look forward to working within our community and helping farmers and ranchers understand the benefits Agoro Carbon offers, our competitive advantages, and ways operators can further benefit from our programs.”

Prior to joining Agoro Carbon, Fiock served as a field manager for the National Corn Growers Association and district sales manager for Great Lakes Hybrid. Fiock earned his bachelor’s in natural resources and agronomy from Purdue University.

About Agoro Carbon

Agoro Carbon Alliance is creating a new solution to our planet’s carbon challenge that’s grounded in the soil. Our partners are committed to Agoro Carbon’s ambition of decarbonizing farming on a global scale by helping to transform practices on every farm, generating reliable Farm Carbon Credits and certified climate-smart crops.

Guided by transparency, security and collaboration, we create incentives for farmers, buyers, and consumers to choose change from the ground up. Agoro Carbon leverages Yara’s deep agronomic knowledge and credibility to make it possible for every farm to transition to climate-smart farming practices, restoring carbon to the world’s soils, and reversing the effects of climate change. Meet our members and join the journey at