Local Mother to Open Fit Body Boot Camp in Fishers

Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing boot camp fitness franchise, is opening in Fishers and motivating people to live a more active lifestyle. Located at 9653 Olio Rd., Fit Body Boot Camp brings a non-competitive, fat burning group workout to the Fishers area. With each training session lasting just 30 minutes, calories continue to burn up to 31 hours after the workout is done due to the blended training exercises.

The new Fit Body Boot Camp is owned and operated by local entrepreneur Betsy Kwiatkowski. Kwiatkowski is a former college athlete with a dental background and a family of five. The local mom always had a passion for fitness, but wanted to take it a step further and help her community be healthy.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit I really wanted to find a way to change lives and make the world better,” said Kwiatkowski. “I believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to help others get healthy and become the best version of themselves. Fishers Fit Body Boot Camp is more than just a workout facility, it’s a place community members can call home.”

Fishers Fit Body Boot Camp is holding a founding members promotion for those who sign up prior to Jan. 8. For more information email

Fit Body Boot Camp’s specialized Afterburn workouts use a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to help the body burn up to twice the fat and calories that traditional workouts burn in only half the time – and keep it burning for up to 31 hours after each workout. Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are designed for both women and men and aim to support the client’s success with one-on-one accountability with personal trainers, nutrition coaching, smart goal-setting and workout adjustments.

Fishers Fit Body Boot Camp will have classes scheduled in the mornings and evenings to accommodate all schedules. The trainers use low-risk exercises and minimal equipment to emphasize the power and capabilities of the human body. Fit Body Boot Camp not only aims to minimize fat, but the overarching goal is to increase confidence and perception of self-worth for people working out at the gym. A focus of every location is to create a community of hard workers that are dedicated to wellness and supportive of each other and themselves.

As the pioneer of indoor group training concepts, Fit Body Boot Camp was founded in 2009 by personal trainer & fitness industry icon/social influencer/author/podcaster Bedros Keuilian. His vision was to provide mainstream access to best-in-class professional guidance from trainers, at a fraction of the cost of expensive one-on-one personal training. With convenience in high demand in a fast-paced world, the brand’s 30-minute, high intensity workout also appeals to those looking to get a good burn in a short period of time.