Primrose School donates 748 food items

Students at Primrose School at West Carmel are celebrating the holiday season by learning about compassion and generosity through their annual, unique take on a traditional food drive, the Caring & Giving Food Drive. The students donated a collective 748 food items to Gleaners Food Bank this year.

How the Caring & Giving Food Drive works: Preschool and pre-K students in the 455 Primrose schools across the country participate in this annual act of kindness. Children don’t simply drop cans into a donation bin – they learn and practice positive character traits by experiencing what it means to give. Students are asked to earn donations by completing age-appropriate chores at home. In the classroom, they count their collective donations and develop a shopping list of healthy food items. Students then shop at “Primrose Pantries,” bringing in their favorite canned goods from home or sending teachers to the grocery store with shopping lists created and funded by the students in the classroom. In the days that follow, the children and teachers discuss how food banks and shelters help people in their community. Each activity supports the lessons at the heart of the Caring & Giving Food Drive: compassion, citizenship and giving without expectation.