Carmel Plan Commission


Tuesday, January 4, 2022 Department Report

1. Docket No. PZ-2021-00221 ADLS Amend: 421 S. Rangeline – Building Addition

The applicant seeks design approval for a 285 sq. ft. building addition to replace a garage that was destroyed by a fire. The overall site is 0.17 acres and is located at 421 S. Rangeline Road. It is zoned B-1/Business and is located in the Rangeline Road Overlay District. Filed by Stephanie Miller of Great Growins.

Project Overview:

The Petitioner proposes to construct an addition on the rear of the building to replace a garage that was lost to a fire. Parcels to the north across Elm Street are zoned B-1/Business and are within the Rangeline Overlay District. Parcels to the east are zoned R-3/Residential and some are within the Old Town Overlay – Character sub area. To the south, the parcels are a combination of B-1 and B-2/Business, also within the Rangeline Overlay District. West across Rangeline Road is the Midtown PUD (Z-599-15). Please see the Petitioner’s Information packet for more details.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Standards this project MEETS:


• Permitted use: General Retail

• Minimum lot area: 10,000 sq. ft. required, approx. 11,300 sq. ft. existing (0.25 acres)

• Minimum rear yard: 30’ required, 57’4” proposed east

• Min. ground floor area: 900 sq. ft. required, 1300 sq. ft. proposed total

• Maximum Building Height: 35’ allowed, 11’ proposed (to midpoint)

• Vehicular parking: 7 spaces required; 10 provided

UDO Standards NOT MET due to existing site conditions:

Some B-7/Business and Rangeline Road Overlay District standards cannot be met due to existing building placement and recent road improvements. Some of the B-7 items are minimum front yard, minimum side yard, and maximum lot coverage. Some of the Rangeline Road Overlay items are minimum building height, construction materials, and sidewalk widths. The Petitioner is allowed to reconstruct after a fire. In this instance, the petitioner decided to do a building addition instead of reconstructing the garage for better site circulation and patron experience. The building addition, along with other building improvements are supported by the Department.

Site Plan and Parking: The overall site plan and site circulation will not change. No parking spaces are removed in order to construct the proposed 285 sq. ft. addition on the east side of the existing building. Seven vehicular parking spaces are required and ten are existing (1 space per 200 sq. ft. for general retail/service). The existing concrete slab where the garage was located prior to the fire will remain and will now be used as a patio.

Active Transportation: A new ADA ramp will be constructed for access into the new building addition. This is close to the parking area and will provide greater access for patrons into the building. Two bicycle racks are required within 50’ of the front entrance to the building. Petitioner, please provide the two required racks. A 5’ sidewalk is required along Elm Street per the Thoroughfare Plan. However, it was not installed when the City acquired the corner property for construction of the round-a-bout. In reviewing the options, the City Engineer chose not to connect the sidewalk on the south side of Elm. Instead, pedestrians are routed across the round-a-bout to the north side of Elm because there was already sidewalk present on that side of the street.

Architectural Design: The Petitioner proposes an 18’ x 16’ addition. Currently the building has vinyl siding. This will be replaced on the entire structure with hardi-plank siding for a more uniform and cohesive look. Shake style siding is added to the ridges for added architectural details. A new front porch will be constructed to enhance the look of the property as well.

Landscaping: The Urban Forester does not have a plan to review at the present time. However, the Petitioner does not intend to make any changes to the existing landscaping on site.

Recommendation: After all comments and concerns are addressed, the Department of Community Services recommends the Commercial Committee approves this item this evening.

2. Docket No. PZ-2021-00160 CA: West Main St. Block C2, Commitment Amendment.

The applicant seeks to amend commitments associated with Ordinance Z-611-16. The site is located at the southeast corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue SW. The properties are zoned R-2/Residence and C-2/Mixed Use District within the Old Town Overlay. Filed by the Department of Community Services on behalf of the Carmel Plan Commission.

Please see the Petitioner’s Info Packet for detailed analysis and request for this commitment amendment.

December 21, 2021 Public Hearing Recap:

The Petitioner gave an overview of the request, stating that the C-2 ordinance has evolved to include the items that were previously in effect through commitments. Members of the public spoke regarding this proposal. There were many questions about the timing of this request. There was confusion as to why it was proposed because the parcels are still under separate ownership. Another resident had concerns about commitments made by the City, then later changed. Plan Commission members had questions about the plan for the area and felt that commitments are needed to protect those who may not be interested in selling/moving. It was referred to the Commercial Committee meeting on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 for further review and discussion.


If all comments and concerns are addressed, the Department of Community Services recommends the Commercial Committee forwards this item back to the full Plan Commission with a Favorable Recommendation.