Hamilton County honors employees for years of service

Kathy (Richardson) Williams

Hamilton County is celebrating 164 employees for their service to the community. Each year the Board of Commissioners and Human Resource Department recognizes and honors employees for long and meritorious service by presenting service awards at the end of each five years of employment.

Each recipient will be given a service pin with the number of years on it. Human Resource Director Sheena Randall says, “Our goal is to bring to the citizens and taxpayers of Hamilton County the most responsive governmental services possible. Employing top quality people, providing them with meaningful work, and retaining their services helps us serve the public efficiently and effectively.”

Hamilton County Clerk Kathy (Richardson) Williams tops this year’s list of employees with the most longevity. She has been employed with the County for 45 years.

“Hamilton County has always been a great place to work,” Williams says. “Frankly, it is like home to me. I started working in the Clerk’s Office when I was 19 years old, so I’ve basically spent my entire life here. I love the work I do and the people I work with.” 

“The county offers great benefits too,” adds Randall. “Such as health insurance, paid holidays, and a 37.5-hour work week.”

This year, one employee will celebrate 40 years of service with the County, five will mark 35 years, and six will observe 30 years. Another 20 employees will be honored for reaching the 25-year milestone with 22 others marking 20 years, 42 celebrating 15 years, 20 reaching 10 years, and 47 observing five years of employment. The complete list is attached.

  • 5 Year Service Pins

Douglas Shook                      

Eric Massey

Shane Foutz

Jena Dawalt

Jeff Schooley

Kristin Bingham

Heather Bozell

Katie Dickson

Sara Mock

Cameron Crumbo

Brian Judd

Carol Ann Johnson

Steven Nagy

Ashlan Cavender

Kelly DeFoe

Mary Ann Haymaker

Jerry Lucas

Lisa Samuels 

Amber Gidman

Rebecca Dunn

Lisa Jeffries 

Travis Comer

Kyle McCoy

Adam Doss

Jessica Morea

Marion Haney

Kaytlyn Nunez

Casey Schroeder

Justin Rennaker

Kaegan Stogsdill

Matthew Delaplane

Dustin Lawson

Michael Biddle

Mitchell Fry

Patrick Traphagan

Jessica Haney 

Scott Souder

Lydia Mounce

Elhadji Ndiaye 

Zachary Landwehr

Ryan McClain

Ashley Thompson 

Casey Carney

Monica Schoonveld

Justin DeFoe 

Danny Strong

Wesley Padgett 

  • 10 Year Service Pins

Jeremy Head

Lauren Mabee

William McNiff 

Jayson Higbee

Carolyn Fillingsness

Debra Webber 

Eric Roosa

Amy Summerfield

James Baldwin 

Shelby Sutton

Thomas Evans

 Justin Floyd 

Jennifer OConnor

Allison Hunt

Caitlin Reel 

Danielle Higgins

Lisa Ward

Sara Smith 

Patricia VanDyke

Amy Massillamany                 

  • 15 Year Service Pins

Tim Wuwert

Justin Henson

Debra Hoggard 

Dustin Castor

Jesse Borders

Richard Hay 

Cynthia Girtman

 Jonathan Tindal

Pamela Gwin 

Jeremy Kousen

Patrick Farley

Robert Huff 

Jane Pflugh

Scott Pass

Shawna Burke 

Lisa Pacior

Caitlin Wissel

Caroline Stevenson 

Barbara Hull

Joshua Kocher

Emily Capps 

Amy Prater

Robert Evans

Amy Westrich 

Daniel Stewart

Wendy Shaw

Sheri Ross 

Shane Cheever

Vanessa Campbell

Michial Huber 

Bonnie Schwemmin

Delma Hiatt

Nancy Huver 

Morgan Bennett

Beverly Crook

Joyce Wielinski 

Amanda Whitson

Lynn Lawhorn

Sandy Henry 

Lonnie Whitehead

James Dobrovodsky

Monica Mosbaugh 

Julie Davis 

  • 20 Year Service Pins

Brad Underwood

William Collier

Kenneth Ford

Mark Stinson

Scott Jones

Dustin Dixon 

Eric Gilbert

Lynn Bauer

Roger Kuba 

Krista Radican

 Brandon Ray

Patti Brinker 

Carolyn Ballenger

Troy Bledsoe

Robert Chadwell 

Dustin Teachnor

Amy Ballman

Michelle Trowbridge 

Kelly Cook

Cynthia Dean

Todd Ruetz 

Stephanie Ruggles                  

  • 25 Year Service Pins

Joshua Carey

Daniel Lacey

Byron Settles 

Carol Bruns

Michael Fiebelkorn

Terry McAbee 

James Pee

Larry Endicott

Kevin Phelps 

Joel Thurman

Jamie Baber

Kim Rauch 

Stephen Baitz

James Ginder

Connie Bentley 

Ruth Ann Durban

Cheryl Gerber

Cathy Hightower 

Christine Altman

  • 30 Year Service Pins

Thomas Logan

Mark Bowen

Scott McKinney 

Cynthia Higginbotham

Kent McCollum

Marilyn Schenkel 

  • 35 Year Service Pins

Eric Juarez

Nancy Horn

Charles Harris 

Nancy Horn

Donna Hunter

Joni Haymaker

  • 40 Year Service Pins

Jerry Liston 

  • 45 Year Service Pins

Kathy Richardson