Indiana Traffic Safety Director appointed to National Child Passenger Safety Board

The National Child Passenger Safety Board announced today the appointment of Robert Duckworth to the Board. He will serve as the Governors Highway Safety Association representative, replacing five-year Board member Bob Stevens.

Currently, Duckworth serves as the Director of Traffic Safety for the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI), where he is responsible for developing and implementing programs to reduce crashes and traffic fatalities in the state.

“We fully expect Robert to carry a strong voice for the state highway offices,” National Child Passenger Safety Board Chair Mandi Seethaler said. “He personifies a commitment to safety in all that he does, both on and off the job. At the same time, we would like to thank Bob Stevens for his many years of service and wish him well moving forward.”

Before joining ICJI in 2018, Duckworth worked as a deputy sheriff and emergency paramedic for 18 years. It was during that time that he developed a passion for traffic safety and educating parents and caregivers about the importance of proper child seat use.

In 2005, Duckworth became a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, but encountered challenges early in his career due to a shortage of available instructors, who were required to sign off on each recertification at the time. Recognizing a need, he decided to become an instructor through the Indiana Safe Kids program, and three years later, he was reviewing recertifications and training new technicians in the area.

“What motivated me then is the same thing that drives me now: making sure every child is properly secure in their vehicles,” Duckworth said. “As I used to tell my students, we can’t take away the difficulties parents face on a daily basis, but one thing we can do is make sure their kids are safe on the road. I look forward to furthering that mission and working with my colleagues on the board.”

Today, Duckworth continues to be a child passenger safety advocate, working to expand Indiana’s vast network of technicians and fitting stations.

Some of his biggest accomplishments at the agency include setting up a program of regional Child Passenger Safety Specialists and helping Indiana become a national model for the implementation of the National Digital Check Form, a tool that allows technicians to record, analyze and share data from car seat checks.

“Robert will be a valuable and productive member of the Board representing GHSA,” GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins said. “His experience leading a State Highway Safety Office and his expertise in child passenger safety programs will help the Board tremendously. We thank Robert for serving in this important role.”

Duckworth currently lives in Greensburg, Indiana, with his wife and two kids. In his spare time, he serves as a volunteer firefighter in the community, continuing his work in public safety. Throughout his career, he has received the Paul Harris Fellow Award, Ray Bentley Fire Service Award and the Indiana Drug Recognition Expert Longevity Award for 15 years of service.

Established in the mid-90s, the National Child Passenger Safety Board provides recommendations and guidance on the curriculum used to train certified child passenger safety technicians. The program is managed by the National Safety Council and promotes child passenger safety through education, mentorship, engagement and innovation.

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