Letter to the editor: President must obey Constitution

Dear Editor,

            Under the Constitution of the United States, the President of the United States cannot:

Order a Jew or a Muslim to eat pork.

Order a Hindu to eat beef.

Order a vegetarian to eat any meat.

Order a teetotaler to drink alcoholic beverages.

Order a Catholic or other prolife citizen to take a vaccine that contains or was made with substances from an aborted baby. (The Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans researched and reported that one of the vaccines was made with substances from aborted fetuses.)

Governors and mayors do not have such authority either because their oaths of office demand respect and obedience to the U. S. Constitution, too. What our country needs now are politicians who respect and honor their oaths of office and do not bully people like dictators.  There is a right to privacy that must be respected.  That means people don’t have to show papers about their health to anyone.

There is a right to religious freedom that must be respected.  Part of that guarantee should respect the religious belief that the human body is a temple of God and that we are to guard what goes into our body.  If a person does not believe that something is safe to put into their body, forcing the person to put it into the body makes the government just as bad as the Nazi government that forced Jews and dissidents to put poisons into their bodies.

In fact, didn’t the Nuremburg Treaty after World War Two require governments not to put experimental formulas into people against their will?  And didn’t our country agree to follow those rules?

We should not allow the U.S. government or U.S. politicians to force our country to evolve into another Nazi Germany.  But that is exactly what the vaccine pushers are doing.  The Nazis lost.  I hope the Vaczis lose, too.

Woodrow Wilcox

Dyer, Indiana