New Cryotherapy business hits Hamilton Town Center

A new sensation of wellness and recovery is hitting the Hamilton Town Center called Peak Cryo. Located at 13436 Tegler Drive, Suite 200 in Noblesville, Indiana 46060.

Whole Body Cryotherapy has become increasingly popular for its performance-enhancing, recovery, health, and wellness benefits. Using the state-of-the-art Impact Cryosauna, we offer the safest single-person cryogenic chamber used for Whole Body Cryotherapy. During the session, the temperature is regulated by our CryoTechnicians within the range of -190F to -260F as the Cryosauna is filled with nitrogen mist. Your head is above the chamber at all times and with our CryoTechnicians engaging in continuous conversation during your 3-minute session! You won’t believe how quickly it goes!

Being former collegiate athletes, high school and youth sports coaches, the owners of Peak Cryo have been sport and fitness enthusiasts their entire lives. Wanting to continue to be involved in sport and wellness, the owners of Peak Cryo decided to open a cutting edge facility committed to helping people exceed their goals in health, sport performance, and beauty.

Peak Cryo is officially open to the public! Hours of Operation are Mondays-Saturdays 10AM-8PM and Sundays 12PM-6PM.

For more information on Peak Cryo, contact Nicole Madsen at or call (317) 219-6012. Peak Cryo information can also be found online at