Noblesville veteran recognized in the national Veterans of Foreign Wars #StillServing campaign

Noblesville veteran, Courtenay Nold is being recognized in the national Veterans of Foreign Wars #StillServing campaign for her dedication to country and community.

Nold is a U.S. Navy veteran who served in South Korea and Afghanistan, where she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Upon returning home she experienced severe PTSD and decided to write a book to share her learnings about recovery and offer it as a free ebook. The book is available at Barnes and Noble.

Nold says the book was born out of her personal frustration with the lack of a single resource PTSD patients, explaining that while there is plenty of information out there, it is very widely scattered and tends to be “stove-piped like so much uncoordinated intelligence.” In dealing with her own treatment, she learned that traditional treatments like medicine and therapy alone are often not enough and patients need to know about the efficacy of many other types of treatment available like yoga and flotation therapy. She hopes her book can help anyone – veterans and civilians – who is struggling.