Daily Almanac: Feb. 05, 2021


RISE: 7:52 a.m.     

SET: 6:12 p.m.

High/Low Temperatures

High: 21 °F

Low: -2 °F

Wacky Holiday Today

• Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

• National Fart Day

• Take Your Child to the Library Day

What Happened On This Day

• 1909 The world’s first synthetic plastic is developed

• 1869 The biggest gold nugget in history is found

Births On This Day

• 1900 Adlai Stevenson

American politician, 31st Governor of Illinois

• 1969 Michael Sheen

Welsh actor

Deaths On This Day

• 1993 Joseph L. Mankiewicz

American director, screenwriter, producer

• 1881 Thomas Carlyle

Scottish historian