Health Department Makes Plans to Close Mass Clinic at 4H Fairgrounds

The COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the 4H Fairgrounds in Noblesville will close its operation after Fri., Feb. 18th.

“The demand for vaccinations has leveled off and there are now enough additional vaccine sites to fill the need,” says Chris Walker, emergency preparedness coordinator for the Hamilton County Health Department. “That means we no longer require as much space or staff to accommodate those still wanting or needing the COVID-19 vaccines.”

The Health Department will move its vaccination clinic back to its office at 18030 Foundation Drive in Noblesville starting Mon., Feb. 23rd. Appointments can still be made at or by calling 2-1-1. “Working from our office again will also allow us to get back to our primary role of providing childhood vaccinations alongside the COVID-19 vaccine,” says Jason LeMaster, administrator for the Hamilton County Health Department. “If there is another surge in demand, we’ll be prepared for it, but for now we feel we can manage it in-house.”