Humane Society for Hamilton County Wins Best New Construction Award

Humane Society of Hamilton County President & CEO Rebecca Stevens

The Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC) was awarded the Best New Construction Award of 2021 at OneZone Awards Ceremony on Wed., Jan. 26, for their new facility located at 106th and Hague Road in Fishers.

Rebecca Stevens, President & CEO of the Humane Society for Hamilton County, shared the story of her dream for a brighter future for Hamilton County and Hoosier animals.

“We weren’t able to do our best in the building we were in,” said Stevens. “I wanted a state-of-the-art destination for families to come to when they want to complete their family with a pet. I wanted it to be happy, hopeful and full of light.”

Key players who drove the design and supported the construction of the new facility in Fishers attended as well – Sam Mishelow and the team from Meyer Najem, Shawn Curran of Curran Architecture, Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt, Hamilton County Council President Amy Massillamany and Fishers Council President Selina Stoller.

In addition to the Samerian Foundation and other capital campaign donors, Steve Cage was in attendance to celebrate this award honoring the new facility which bears his name – The Steven J. Cage Foundation Animal Wellness Center. The 40,000 square foot facility includes state-of-the-art disease prevention measures and noise abatement, as well as a multitude of quality of life features like double living spaces, ample windows and light, free roaming spaces for cats, indoor and outdoor exercise areas and a walking trail for dogs, an education center to facilitate community programs, and a fully equipped surgical center. New opportunities are available for fosters, volunteers and employment. Learn more about how to get involved at

About the Humane Society for Hamilton County

The mission of the Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC) is “Saving Lives. Educating Communities. Completing Families.” HSHC serves as both the animal control facility and Humane Society for Hamilton County, and as such, receives partial funding (approximately 22%) from Hamilton County to fund the first seven days of an animal’s basic care. The majority of HSHC’s annual operating budget is funded by individual donations and its three annual fundraising events—Wine, Wags & Whiskers, Woofstock, and Tinsel & Tails. HSHC is one of the only open-admission, truly “No-Kill” organizations in the United States in that it does not euthanize animals for time, space, treatable injuries, illnesses or rehabilitatable behavior issues regardless of age, breed, disability or special needs. HSHC also serves the community with a variety of unique programs like the Survivor Program (which funds the medical care and the rescue of over 1,000 animals at risk for euthanasia in other Indiana shelters this year) and Pets Healing Vets (, which pairs Hoosier veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI with emotional support pets at no cost to the veteran. HSHC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is not a United Way Agency and is not affiliated with any other animal welfare group in the United States. For more information visit