Daily Almanac: April 8, 2022


RISE: 7:16 a.m.     

SET: 8:15 p.m.

High/Low Temperatures:

High:  43°F

Low:  35°F

Wacky Holiday Today:

• Dog Farting Awareness Day

• National Dive Bar Day

• Zoo Lovers Day

What Happened On This Day:

• 2005 Over 4 million people pay their last respects to Pope John Paul II

• 1959 One of the first modern programming languages is created

Births On This Day:

• 1918 Betty Ford

American wife of Gerald R. Ford, 40th First Lady of the United States

• 1859 Edmund Husserl

Austrian mathematician, philosopher

Deaths On This Day:

• 1981 Omar Bradley

American general

• 1973 Pablo Picasso

Spanish painter, sculptor