Mysterious Southern Indiana Boom Causes Concern

The Times

Harried and panicked people yesterday are peering right into long focused online observances looking directly at Yerkesville

The small southern Indiana community appears to be the epicenter of reports of a loud explosion and fireball in the sky that occurred Wednesday afternoon.

At first, some thought the mysterious sound might have originated in nearby Camp Atterbury. However, officials there said that no live-fire exercises were going on, nor had anything exploded at the military base. Then came word from the American Meteor Society indicated they were looking into reports of a fireball streaking across the southern Indiana sky.

However, more and more reports are surfacing online about the explosion and fireball being caused by a gigantic UFO entering the atmosphere around Columbus, Ind.

“I seen it with my own two eyes,” one unidentified Hoosier said on the interwebs. “It was a large saucer thing that looked like something from that movie The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

Others were more skeptical.

“Well, I did see something,” a farmer near the Indiana-Kentucky border said. “But I’m not ready to say it was a UFO. My first thought was that it might be the Russians.”

As of today, there are no indications that the Indiana National Guard has been activated or even put on alert. Some southern Indiana mayors might be meeting secretly though to look further into the matter. One mayor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he was upset that the state and federal governments weren’t taking this seriously. “Sure, it’s not their backyards that will be the battle zone if this is aliens. It’s ours and we’re not going to sit back and just wait.”

Others said this was nothing more than a reminder of Orson Welle’s radio broadcast on Oct. 30, 1938. That, too, was a fictitious report about an alien invasion that fooled some people into thinking it was real . . . just like this story out of the fabricated community of Yerkesville. Really observant readers might have noticed the first letter of each word in the first paragraph, a very sure giveaway that today’s story goes right along with today’s date, April 1. We hope you enjoyed our little chuckle.