Garage Sales – the Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Strategy

The clean-up and clear-out specialists at the residential-friendly dumpster company Bin There Dump That know that traditional spring-cleaning chores can result in piles of clothing, furniture, small appliances, books, toys, sports equipment, etc., that homeowners no longer need. “That’s why late spring is such a popular time for yard sales,” says local entrepreneur James Spink, owner of Bin There Dump That of Indianapolis, Brownsburg. “Yard sales are a great way to put things you don’t need any more back into circulation, not into landfills and not back in your garage or basement.”

Bin There Dump That has developed a comprehensive Garage Sale Guide with tips and tricks to help Indianapolis area homeowners plan and execute a successful, enjoyable yard sale, but there are some basics that Spink says you need to keep in mind before you begin.

  • Confirm that your community and/or neighborhood allow homeowners to hold a garage or yard sale. Then look into permit requirements and pick a day – Saturdays are best – when people are likely to come.
  • Do your research if you are selling art, jewelry, fashion, books, or other items that could have substantial value. Then, focus on pricing things right, keeping in mind that anything you sell your items for is a profit on items you didn’t want or need anyway. (See the Pricing Guide section of our Garage Sale Guide.)
  • Make plans to get the word out before the sale through social media and word-of-mouth. Place eye-catching, easy-to-read signs (with balloons on the day of the sale) at major intersections near your home and at the entrance to your neighborhood.

“Another great way to attract potential buyers to your sale is to make it a neighborhood event,” says James Spink. “Your neighbors may even want to share the expense of a dumpster to dispose of the items that don’t sell. Keep in mind that, when you select items for your garage sale, you have already made the decision that you don’t need them anymore. Stick to that decision and discard them rather than cart them back inside as clutter in your freshly cleaned home.”

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