Sheridan Rotary Salutes Class of ‘22 Academic Achievers and the 2022 Teachers of the Year

(Photo courtesy of the Sheridan Rotary Club)
Sheridan Community School Educators of the Year and the Top Ten academic scholars are (from left to right) Christian Clausen, Elijah Kinkead, Lexi Woodcock, high school principal Rick Davis, elementary principal Valery Roberts, Michael Cronin, Primary Teacher of the Year Lisa Zola and Secondary Teacher of the Year Ryan Kelleher. Students not pictured but receiving recognition are Silas DeVaney, Gabe Holler and Emma Collins.

The educational endeavors of Hamilton County’s youth are an important aspect of Rotary’s continuing support to local community development. As they have done for the last 40 years, the Sheridan club has an annual spring banquet where they honor students who comprise the top 10% of their academic class.

Sheridan Rotary welcomed to the meeting students from Sheridan Community Schools who finished in the top ten percent of the Class of 2022 to our meeting. This year’s honorees were seven students who have excelled academically through their high school years and are looking to continue their education with advanced degrees from various schools of higher learning.

In addition, each year Sheridan Rotary asks Sheridan Community Schools to choose one primary and one secondary educator to recognize for their outstanding work in the Sheridan corporation. The 2022 Primary Educator of the Year is kindergarten teacher Lisa Zola, and the 2022 Secondary Educator of the Year is science teacher Ryan Kelleher.

Sheridan Rotary also recognized the previous two years of Top Ten students. The COVID pandemic curtailed the club’s meeting schedule for the 2020 and 2021 years and while these students were not honored at the time, they should likewise be noted for their achievement. The Class of 2021 Top Ten included Abbigail Clouser, Sierra Duke, Allison Delph, Baylee Murray, Leah Moorman, Shelby Hammack and Carter Brazzell. The Class of 2020 Top Ten included Nicholas Roberts, Margaret Adams, Allacyn Rogers, Emery Habig, Josie O’Brian and Kara Morelock.

Sheridan Rotary took time to recognize the academic and educational achievements of Sheridan students and teachers. Their scholastic achievements and dedication to their profession have been part of keeping Sheridan the strong and resourceful community it continues to be.

For those interested, Sheridan Rotary’s special guest at its Tuesday evening, May 17 meeting will be Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt. The Commissioner will be giving an overview of what Hamilton County is working on and planning for the Sheridan community presently and in the future. Members of the public are cordially invited to attend Commissioner Heirbrandt’s talk, which begins at 6:45 pm in the Community Room of the Sheridan Public Library.