Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition. 

So I asked our readers to share theirs for 2019. And here’s what they said:

Carla Crandall said, “Get out and about and see more friends.”

Shannon Plumer said, “Get rid of junk,” to which Dorothy Young’s reply was “One man’s junk is another man’s treasurer.

Young’s resolution? “Stay healthy and happy, enjoy my life, my family and my city. Help keep Noblesville, Noblesville.”

State Rep. Chuck Goodrich said, “Plan more, provide valuable insight, think in outcomes, execute better, be the highest performing in my faith, family and work. People first!.”

Janice Booher wants to learn a new hobby. “A friend of mine has been talking to me about a children’s charity that benefits from knitting. So, perhaps, I will try that.”

County surveyor Kent Ward said, “To finally get some items done on my to-do list that my wife has for me.” “Can you convince Tim to do that, too?” chimed in Peggy Beaver of her husband.

Peggy Beaver said her resolution is “taking more time out to smell the roses. Spend more quality time with family and friends. Volunteering more of my time to help with community service organizations.”

Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt said, “Laugh, love, pray and positive attitude.”

Dana Neal has thought about her resolution for years. “I’d like to run every day of the year. I might try it this year.”

Tammy Daubenspeck said, “Taking better care of myself. Staying positive while living with an autoimmune disease.”

Kim Good said, “Have fun, laugh more, visit new places.”

Becky Hollyfield said, “To be a better person. To love more and worry less. Life is too short. One day, we will be a memory. Let’s make it a good one.”

Marc Rifkind said, “To be thankful for every day.”

Sheila VanderHorst said, “To laugh more.”

Pastor Teri Ditslear said, “To be more thankful of my ‘now.’ Being more aware of the gift in front of me.”

Terri Sigman-Kennedy said, “I’m hoping to enjoy my life as it is and be thankful.”

Rick Heflin said, “I’m hoping this year brings new challenges to conquer and new metal art to build. I also hope to get the rehab on our house finished.”

Lesley Haflich said, “I hope to take my vintage 1954 camper exploring Indiana and beyond, plus do some plein air painting on my travels.”

Mark Hall said, “Be still more, listen 80 percent of the time and get 1 percent better each month at faith, family and service.”

Tracy Line said, “To take time to do and focus on what fills me up and makes me happy versus putting those things aside to do what I ‘should’ be doing.”

Brenda Bush resolution is to “fully fund the redeveloped new headquarters of the Sheridan Historical Society at 315 S. Main St. It’s going to be marvelous thanks to contributions.”

Michelle Prater said, “To be able to go to Michigan and have my airway rebuilt, so I can breathe.

Jenny Sodam-Fellows said, “Not to make resolutions, make new promises to myself.”

David Jenkins said, “My resolution is to get some health issues resolved and to advance in my job and keep bettering myself in any way I can, new opportunities I come across to keep learning new things every day.”

Amy Simon said, “To focus on organizing every area of my life.”

Robert Morelock said, “To adopt a puppy from the Humane Society.”

Mike Helmsorig said, “To get better at life and work.”

Sue Peters said, “Look forward, not backward. Simplify in all areas of my life.”

Angela Wolfe said, “Start my new career path.”

Rebecca Cola said, “Less screen time.”

Michelle Frye said, “Quit smoking.”

Michelle Craycraft said, “To get out of the house more and enjoy the little things around me.”

Rita Underwood said, “To begin at age 67 to eat breakfast and fuel up for the day with protein so I can keep up with myself.”

Sharon Price said, “Get organized.”

Ritch Harger said, “I pray God will use me to help in some way, maybe in the Appalachian Mountains.”

Michael Nichipor said, “No need to. I rarely keep them.”

David York said, “Deleting so many individuals and pages on Facebook.”

Heather Roudebush said, “To work as hard as I can to be successful in my new career, the start of the second half of my life.”

Shirley Sartin said, “Finish settling into my new home and community so I can better enjoy theater volunteer time.”

Sue Payne said, “My goal is to become much more organized and efficient. I’m wearing a lot of hats for the next two years which means self-discipline is a must. Of course, the house is last on the list.”

Julia Hiatt said, “To have a stronger relationship with God, husband and children.”

Lynne Davison said, “To live healthier and be accountable.”

Nancy Hawkins said, “To network with more business owners like myself to build business locally.”

Robert Mullins said, “Pray harder everyday that my mother can beat cancer.”

Andrea Wolf said, “Be the person God wants me to be.”

Pennie Baldwin said, “To stop helping those who don’t appreciate it and give more time to people who do. To spend more time on myself and say ‘no’ more often.”

Debbie Houghtalen said, “To thank God for each new day in my wonderful life.”

Teresa Stewart said, “To take more time for me.”

Lesa Bryant said, “I pay my bills, and any overages go to God’s kingdom, rock on St. Francis of Assisi."

James Tomlinson said, “I’d like to make a resolution to learn a new language. I take clients from Germany a lot.”

Mark Pouch said, “To make more time to spend with my family...As large as our family is, it’s always hard to get together, but when we do, we all have a great time. Another would be to get everything done for our daughter’s wedding in May.”

Rob Morris said, “Don’t make them, so then I can’t break them.”

Charlene Rockhold said, “To be faithful about exercising every day and eating healthy.”

Jo Ann Griffin said, “I’m going to try and say ‘hello’ and put more smiles on strangers’ faces.”

Holly Anderson said, “Getting 12 years of digital photos printed into photo books.”

Elizabeth Lu said, “To celebrate the little victories of each day and count my blessings of accomplishments.”

Marsha Trumbower said, “Continue helping guide and educate people to health through dealing with the root cause of the issue through alternative means at my local wellness center Natural Path to Health. I opened this wellness center and shifted my career after my husband, Gerry, passed away from cancer.”

Paul Ulman said, “Follow my calling, to help people live the life God wants for them. And be a positive example for everyone I encounter.”

Amy Ebbinghaus-Hoopingarner said, “Don’t do resolutions, just count my blessings and continue to get all animals adopted, and to support my community.”

Becky Fisher said, “Try to be the person my dogs think I am.”

Georgia Marshall said, “Instead of a New Year’s resolution (I never lost that weight, never stayed on budget), I now choose one word for me to work on the entire year. In past years, my one word has been ‘abide’ (in God), ‘connect,’ etc. This year, for 2019, my one word will be ‘trust.’ I have a beautiful artist friend, Deanna Leonard, who makes me a unique piece of jewelry with my word on it to help remind me what I need to work on. I love having one word instead of an unattainable resolution. It may seem the same but it’s not.”

Bobbi Vanhowe said, “I want to let go of worries about things I cannot control. Enjoy life as it unfolds.”

Cathy Owens said, I’ve made a promise to myself for accountability I’ve joined a group of women for a healthier 2019 - eating habits, upping the activity level, meeting the weekly challenge that our organizer tasks us with….It’s one thing to disappoint yourself; it's different when you know others are watching and supporting you.”

Kate Murray said, “Choosing joy in the journey and finding it in every situation.”

Kelly Heffernan said, “work less, plant more.”

Ellen Kinney said, “To count my blessings every day and try even harder to let go of everything negative. To celebrate my 59th birthday. OK, to quit lying about that.”

Maggie Mielzarek said, “To take that first leap of faith in starting your own business.”

Dana Stemen said, “To be more involved in the community, especially in helping older people.”

Emily Dilts said, “I’d like to learn about and own some indoor plants. This is one of the many things I have carved on my list this year.”

Danielle Clouser said, “Rest more.” She added, “My resolution this year at work is to look at each child and spend time with them letting them know they are important, instead of just making sure information is being taught. It is a balance; I hope to learn how to achieve that balance.”

Missy Rump said, “I don’t really do resolutions. I want to think of it as a positive direction forward. I would like to focus on being a healthier human, continue pursuing fun community theater roles, learn to express myself in artwork, continue to serve my families with compassion, and draw closer to my Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Christine DeJoy said, “To declutter my mind.”

Anita Landress said, “I stopped making resolutions because my life seems to change so much every year. I try to go with the flow and help others whenever possible. I always try to do my best at whatever I do, so I don’t need any more pressure or promising myself to do things that I probably wouldn’t do anyway….My goal is to be happy doing whatever it is that my life’s path takes me this year and trying to keep as many other people happy along the way.”

Toni Wohl said, “To remember to treat everyone like I want to be treated and love the challenges.”

Dennis Jackson said, “To get me another Corvette.”

Christina Owens said, “Take more time for myself for my health, lose weight and come off medications.”

DM Johnson said, “Spend less time on electronic devices and more time with family making memories.”

Tracy Lynn said, “To go all out on building my businesses and work smarter instead of harder.”

Emily Pearson said, “To find a great job where I can make a difference, to stay in better contact with my friends and loved ones and, lastly, get rid of 20 percent of my belongings.”

Kate Hinman said, “I don’t make resolutions anymore.” But she quotes Queenisms as saying, “that life wasn’t something you could so easily resolve.” But rather “a breathtaking adventure” for which she decided “she had the courage to live it to the fullest.”

Eric Bowman said, “I plan to do more for others in 2019. I plan to do more in community theater, and I plan to try to be the best me that I can be. So let’s make 2019 the best year yet and continue to make each year even better than the last.”

Pat Gray said, “To stop making New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year everyone!”

Chuck Godby said, “I simply want to be a better me. Thank you for asking.”

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