Janus Developmental Services is celebrating the most successful Giving Tuesday campaign in the not for profit agency’s history.

The original Giving Tuesday fundraising goal was to raise $12,500 for the various Janus programs and services provided to individuals with disabilities. The goal was established, when a generous community member came forward to offer a matching dollar for dollar donation for the Giving Tuesday campaign up to $12,500.

Donations began pouring in and by the end of the day and before the donation match, community members had contributed $20,445.23 to Janus.

When the anonymous donor came in to make his donation, he spoke of one of the Janus clients who began to participate in Janus programs several years ago and now is successfully employed in a community job. The donor spoke of how much the client contributes at his place of employment and what a joy he is to be around. The donor decided that he would match the entire amount raised and then made a donation of $21,000.00. The Giving Tuesday 2017 campaign raised $41,445.23.

Donations made to Janus will help the agency provide services to individuals with disabilities which focus on the attainment of important life skills, pre-vocational job training, education, community employment assistance as well as the support needed to live more independent and fulfilled lives.

For more information about Janus, or to make a donation please visit our web site at www.janus-inc.org. Donations can also be mailed to Janus Developmental Services at 1555 Westfield Road, Noblesville IN 46062. Please contact Debbie Laird, Senior Vice President of Development at dlaird@janus-inc.org or (317) 773-8781 ext. 100