Sunday is Father’s Day
So this Times newspaper journalist went on a mission to find dads enjoying their Friday together with their children on the Courthouse Square in downtown Noblesville.
I asked the dads what they really want for Father’s Day.
Here’s what they said:
Name: Nathan Brown
Age: 35.
City: Noblesville.
Found hanging with: daughters Emma, 7, and Claire, 10, and wife, Katie.
What they were doing: Getting coffee and other drinks at Noble Coffee & Tea. “Emma likes to get Italian soda, and Claire is just getting a snack.”
Wants for Father’s Day: “We just bought a new grill the other day, so that’s probably it right there. We’re just going to be relaxing, spending time together as a family.”
Name: Matthew Reeves.
Age: 36.
City: Noblesville, a 1992 graduate of Carmel High School.
Found hanging with: son, Broderick, 3, and wife, Melinda. They also have a daughter, Makenzie, 9.
What they were doing: “Grabbing some lunch, going to the fireworks store, going to go to the butcher shop, getting ready for the 4th of July.”
Wants for Father’s Day: “Just to play a little golf, relax with the kids, hang out, have a family day.”
Name: Jon York.
Age: 36.
City: Noblesville.
Found hanging with: Jonathan York, 14.
What they were doing together: “Just got lunch at Rosie’s (Cafe), I took the day off work today to hang out.”
Wants for Father’s Day: “We’re going to see our family … What I want for Father’s Day is just some time where we’re just having time to ourselves, not distracted by everything else, just hanging out, to eat a good dinner, to spend the day outside, throwing the football around, or whatever it may be, having a good bonding time.”
Name: Derrick Hudson.
Age: 36.
City: Former employee at Blades Audio Video in Noblesville, doing audio video and security for Noblesville and Carmel Clay schools.
Found hanging with: Cooper, 8, Maverick, 7, Nova, 4, and wife, Nika. “All of the kids have car names. It wasn’t intentional … My dad, he has four Novas, so he suggested the (daughter’s) name, and it’s kind of close to my wife’s name, so it kind of grew on us.”
What they were doing together: “Shopping. We have a farmhouse, so we’re looking for older stuff.”
Wants for Father’s Day: “Spending it with the kids. She’s (wife) already gotten me a nice grill for Father’s Day, so we’re all set. Hope everyone has a good Father’s Day and spend it with your kids, because it’s the most precious thing.”

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