Wisdom Builders Christian-based homeschool organization has been busy rehearsing for a stage production that was scheduled to open tonight at Ivy Tech Community College campus in Noblesville.
Wisdom Builders’ holiday show, “It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Play,” was to have four performances through Saturday.
The in-person stage production was canceled on Wednesday, according to show director Becca Jones, who informed this journalist at 6 p.m. Wednesday.
It would have been Wisdom Builders’ first show since “Beauty and the Beast.” Attracting student actors from Wisdom Builders’ high school-age homeschool group based in Hamilton County, is always easy because of their interest in theater.
During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) pandemic, the 25 cast members have practiced reading their script through the Zoom video-conferencing and other creative ways.
Wisdom Builders followed every Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guideline, including enforcing extensive wearing of masks, social distancing and sanitization protocols.
Jones on Wednesday attributed the show’s in-person cancellation due to “COVID issues.” There would be “no live show this weekend,” she said. “We’re going to move it straight to virtual,” said Jones, who hopes to offer the production virtually online, actually just audio, since it is a radio play, and will make an announcement of any upcoming broadcast on the group’s website, wbtheater.com, and on Facebook.
Jones, who has family members at high risk for the virus, “almost canceled our winter season but she decided to reduce her cast size and chose this radio drama as a safe alternative to a musical,” said Nathan Rollins of Fishers, a fellow Wisdom Builders director.
Safety of the public and cast is of utmost importance. “There have been many conversations and healthy hesitation on this topic,” he said.
Before this for Wisdom Builders, Rollins directed Wisdom Builders’ “Beauty and the Beast” musical, “Around the World” and “You Can’t Take It With You.”
He said, “We love the theater, but we will not produce shows that put ourselves or the public in danger. Last March, our spring show was canceled by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on opening night, and we complied despite the heartbreak. Last summer, we put on ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ where we had nearly 850 attendees. Not a single person was infected in any way or in any connection to these previous productions, so we hope our audience will trust us to not only entertain them but to also safeguard them. We have done it before, and if God and the government allow, we will do it again.”

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