The Noblesville Common Council has limited the use of city trails and sidewalks to pedestrians, bicyclists and recreational users.

At its meeting Tuesday the council approved an ordinance which prohibits motorized vehicles from using trails and sidewalks.

“As we continue to grow our trail network, we are seeing more residents actively enjoying the outdoors. This measure ensures that their safety is our top priority and that trails and sidewalks are not used improperly,” said Mayor John Ditslear.

Motorized vehicles are defined as golf carts (or any modified version), motor scooter, motor vehicle, motorcycle, off road vehicle, farm tractor, farm truck, farm vehicle loaded with a farm product, low speed vehicle, bicycle powered by a motor or engine, and any motorized piece of equipment or machinery, such as a garden tractor or operated with a 2-cycle engine or larger that is being used for transportation or travel purposes.

The ordinance does not restrict the use of personal mobility devices that operate in accordance to the American with Disabilities Act. The ordinance also does not restrict motor vehicles from crossing a trail or sidewalk while using an existing driveway or entrance to access private or public property.”

“This ordinance removes the operation, parking or obstructing of vehicular traffic which has a detrimental effect on the safety, well-being and enjoyment of others,” said John Beery, city engineer.

Violations may be fined a minimum of $100. The Noblesville Police Department also has been given the power to cite parents of minors violating this ordinance and the authority to seize or impound any vehicle in violation.