Trigger warning, this column may read as a letter to the editor. This week has been soul crushing. It has been made of the stuff that Satan just loves, that is if you believe in Satan. No one can deny the attitude of anger, hatred, and vitriol that has been spewed by both sides of our political leadership; it is made of evil. Personally, I am disgusted by the whole impeachment process, the partisanship of how things have worked out. The lines drawn of what is right and what is wrong has been co-opted by evangelical pundits and our top government official, whose name I cannot say; but you know of whom I’m talking.
I have posted a couple things on social media that instantly got people riled up. That has not bothered me, I don’t like the hate, but I do love the constructive questions that come out of my friends, who come to the defense of the post. No one has ever changed their minds because of a FB post, I assure you. The reason why I do not shy away from posting a progressive or liberal leaning quote, story, questions, or fact checking articles is because I want people to know that there are pastors (raises hand) here in Noblesville that do not agree with the one who shall not be named.
But but but….Isn’t your husband a Republican? Yes, he is, always has been, wait except for that time when he ran for mayor as an INDEPENDENT, remember Virginia? Why did he leave the party for a nano second? Because it was the right thing to do! There was something about that Republican nominee that did not exemplify, in the minds of the voters, the moral code of the office, and the values of the Noblesville community. Guess what, we have the same thing going on in Washington, only people are too afraid to stand up and say, “you who shall not be named are morally and ethically indecent. You, are corrupting and co-opting religious freedom for the economic gain of power against the very ones Jesus came to help”
What I’m trying to say is that God is NOT a Republican or a Democrat. I wish with my whole heart that politics would keep their mits off of religion, it is not something to be manipulated or bought. Hats off to Mitt Romney for keeping his oath to God. In my mind he should be lauded, not condemned as the most honest and faithful man in Washington. This single public act of courage has humbled me. My confession is that I have always been suspicious of the Mormon faith. My eyes have been opened and my heart has softened. I offer my apologies.
To be known as faithful people we must question and seek answers, remain curious, and open minded. No matter your personal politics, if you are a person of faith, you will crave knowing who
God is, and who God is not. Closed minded religious people are at risk of becoming judgmental, rigid, cold hearted and irrelevant.
People call me courageous and brave, but I am just someone who loves God, knows that God loves all people, no matter where they are, where they are going and where they are now. God weeps with the people who are persecuted at the border, those who are estranged from their families because of their sexuality, with those who suffer mental illness, for those who question their faith. God loves the Palestinians and the Jews, the Mormons and the Pentecostals, all people.
On the flip side, it is my belief that God weeps when people are bullied, called names, and when they are attacked physically and psychologically. When they are blackballed, and shunned because of partisan politics, God just shakes her head.
***(the article below helped me to understand why I am feeling the way I do politically)
In an article by Jim Wallis, Sojourners, November 2019
Jim Wallis: I’ve been on this book tour and we’re having, I would say, conversations about Jesus — in very diverse places, with lots of different people. But it’s been very interesting to go deeper into what Jesus actually said, and did he mean it, and what does it mean for right now in this crisis. You have talked more about Jesus than any other candidate — Republican or Democratic, why?
Pete Buttigieg: Because I think it's important and because I fear that there's been an effort to recruit Jesus into one political party, the Republican Party. And of course, God doesn't belong to a political party in this country. And as Lincoln said, everybody's trying to get God on their side, but you're probably better off trying to make sure you're on God's side. But I think we just need to even out the conversation. And there's an allergy in my party to doing this. And the allergy comes from a very healthy place, which is that we've seen what happens when people are subjected to other people's interpretation of their own faith. It's very important to me and I think it's very important to the country that when you're in office or even when you're seeking office, that you're speaking for people of any religion and people have no religion equally. But I think that may have prompted us to feel like we can't bring it up at all because there are those with very different views of very different values who have no compunction about bringing it up. It's created the impression that if you're guided by faith, you only have one place to go. And my evolution, my political and religious evolution actually has led me to really grow from the awareness that it doesn't work that way, that there's range, there's choice.