As the 120th General Assembly moves forward, I would like to invite the residents of Hamilton County to attend Adult Page Day on Tuesday, Feb. 21. For the past 25 years, I have welcomed constituents to Indiana's Statehouse for this unique opportunity open to all members of our community.

Those who participate go on a tour of our beautiful Statehouse and learn of the history tied to the building. Attendees also witness the legislative process taking place in the House Chamber and gain a deeper understanding of how laws are made in Indiana. It's a great opportunity to increase understanding of our state government, and more specifically, how members of the House of Representatives operate on a daily basis.

Most important are the discussions had during Adult Page Day. The feedback I receive and our conversations are beneficial and help me best serve our community. Throughout the day and especially over lunch we are able to have constructive conversations concerning the needs of Hamilton County.

This session, lawmakers are discussing the state budget, infrastructure funding, education, advancing the workforce and other issues facing the state. This would be an ideal time for Hamilton County residents to join in the conversation.

It's always a pleasure to spend the day at the Statehouse with our neighbors, developing relationships and getting to know each other. I encourage constituents to attend and look forward to meeting new friends and welcoming familiar faces.

To RSVP for Adult Page Day or if you have any questions, please email or call 317-234-9380.