EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a weekly column from Hamilton Heights Superintendent Dr. Derek Arrowood. All Hamilton County school superintendents are invited to send The Times similar routine messages. To do so, please contact our publisher at ttimmons@thetimes24-7.com

This is K-Kids week. Just talking about this group and the work they do makes even the coldest days a little warmer. For those who may not be familiar with K-Kids, it is the largest elementary school service organization in the world and is the youngest club within the Kiwanis International family. Hamilton Heights Elementary School has had a K-Kids Club since 2008. Club advisor, Tracy Zachary, is helping students discover their passion to serve, desire to lead, and their ability to engage and collaborate with others to better the school and community.
K-Kids is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Cicero. In addition, the local Kiwanis Club sponsors two other student leadership programs at Heights, the Builders Club at the Middle School and Key Club at the High School. The Cicero Kiwanis has been doing a lot of good and making a difference for our children and our community for more than 40 years. #KidsClubWeek #KidsNeedKiwanis
Speaking of making a difference and doing good, the counseling staff at Hamilton Heights Elementary School (Nikki Wert) and Youth Assistance Program (Mary Ann Haymaker) have teamed up to create The Gathering Place, a safe place for students to come together, grieve, and grow. This new grief support group meets weekly during school hours to provide healing and support activities through the personal journey of loss and grief in a safe environment. The hope is that all students who have experienced loss at any level would know they are welcome.
I took a walk down memory lane this week when asked about our HHSC mobile app. It seems like just yesterday we rolled out this new mobile-friendly app to access Heights links and information from a smartphone. Technological advances quickly outdated its functionality and subsequently it was removed from app stores last year. For those loyal Huskies who may still have this app on their phone, it’s time to delete it. The information on the app is no longer valid.
Today, you can access all things Hamilton Heights at www.hhschuskies.org from any type of computer or mobile device of your choice.
What never goes out of date is the Hamilton Heights Drama Department’s spring play. There will be three special showings of this year’s performance, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, the last weekend of this month. This year’s show is extra special. Not because it is an exceptional classic or that it showcases the talent and creativity of its 26 cast and crew, or even that it’s under the direction of our highly talented drama coach, Brooks Myers. It’s because behind the scenes, this group went to great lengths to find creative ways to rehearse amid quarantines, school closures, and social distancing restrictions because “the show must go on.”
These students’ desire to bring us something we all need right about now is as inspiring as I suspect their performance will be. Tickets can be purchased online at https://secure.payk12.com/school/Hamilton-Heights-High-School/627 and go on sale to the public this Saturday. #WeAreHuskies

Dr. Derek Arrowood is Superintendent at Hamilton Heights School Corporation