Indiana-grown businesses that are well-established have set a tone for other companies moving to the state, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to years of success. I understand this success likely did not come easy, with many challenges along the way. Some Hoosier companies have been in operation for 50 years, even a century, and the state would like to honor them for their longevity and community service by presenting them the Governor's Century or Half Century Business Award.

Nominations for these awards must submitted online by Friday, Feb. 10. Electronic application forms can be found by visiting Award winners will receive a commemorative certificate and be recognized at a ceremony at the Indiana Statehouse.

Qualifying criteria include:

• The business must have had continuous operations in Indiana for more than 50 or 100 years by Dec. 31, 2016;

• The business must have participated in the same line of work for the duration of its operations. If different, an explanation of the evolution into the current business must be provided on the nomination form;

• The business must have had its base in the state of Indiana since it was founded;

• Not-for-profit corporations and hospitals are not eligible;

• The business must recognize, acknowledge and agree that it is in full compliance with the Indiana Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development by signing the application; and

• The business must not have previously received a Century or Half Century Award from the state of Indiana. Previous Half Century Award recipients may qualify for a Century Award.

More Hoosiers are working now than ever before thanks to business growth and success throughout the state. As an elected official serving Hamilton County, I remain committed to supporting commonsense policies and limited regulations. Indiana's record employment numbers and investments would not be possible without entrepreneurs, and I believe in fostering an environment that allows them to succeed for years to come.

For our Indiana-grown businesses that have been in operation for 50, even 100 years, congratulations! You deserve to be recognized for your perseverance and hard work. For those considering starting a business, the state offers a great online resource at This one-stop source provides a streamlined and expedited process for business needs so that companies can focus on success instead of being burdened by filling out countless forms. From registering businesses, wage reporting and information requests, is the place to get started.

For more information regarding the Governor's Century and Half Century Business Awards program or process for starting a business in Indiana, call my office at 317-234-9380 or email

Kathy Kreag Richardson is a Republican State Representative from District 29, which includes Noblesville, and has served in the legislature since 1992. She also is the elections administrator for Hamilton County. You may contact her at