Maybe Paula Dunn’s “From Time to Thyme” column is your favorite. Or you get inspired by Pastor Teri Dislear’s “Joy in the Journey”. Maybe you like to self-diagnose with Dr. John Roberts’ medical column. Or enjoy the humorous side of Dick Wolfsie
Over the past several years, our readers have also enjoyed the soon-retiring State Rep. Kathy Kreag Richardson, who is great at connecting with our readers, sharing about what was going on in government, as well as people and happenings in Hamilton County that interested her.
Richardson (R-Noblesville), who decided not to run for election again and will end her state duties on Dec. 31, also stopped writing her column in The Times about a month ago. 
But she thanked us for the opportunity. “I enjoyed writing and contributing over the last (however many) years,” she said Tuesday morning in an email to The Times.
And while she won’t be at the Statehouse or writing a column for our newspaper, she won’t be far away. This year’s Fourth of July parade marshal was elected the new county clerk, as all are aware.
Even though she’s been an elections administrator and has worked in the clerk’s office for a long time, she said, “There are things to learn that I am looking forward to.”
“The one thing I said when deciding not to run again was I was going to be very careful about filling my time back up all at once,” she said. “...I gave it some thought, but I need to start doing what is best for me and (husband) Perry (Williams).”
She is happy to pass The Times column opportunity onto Chuck Goodrich, president and CEO of Gaylor Electric and who will replace Richardson in 2019 in the District 29 seat at the Statehouse. 
We, at The Times, hope that Goodrich (R-Noblesville) will consider writing a column so that our readers can keep up with state government while getting to know and connect with Goodrich.
Sen. Victoria Spartz (R-Noblesville), who replaced retiring Sen. Luke Kenley 14 months ago, has also written a column, and we hope that she continues to do so even more regularly.
Noblesvllle mom Jennifer Harris writes a monthly column from the Noblesville Diversity Committee. And another mom, Ginger Claremohr, a syndicated columnist write a “Clearly Claremohr” column about whatever is on her mind. And Brent Wheat, publisher of, writes a weekly outdoors column in The Times’ sports section.
Today, we have a guest writer, travel columnist Elizabeth Granger, a former Noblesville Ledger editor who I admired during my years employed at The Ledger. She’s taking us to Seneca Falls, AKA Bedford Falls, previewing “It’s a Wonderful Life” festival in New York. The trip is fitting, since there are several productions of “Wonderful Life” now playing, including 10 sold-out performances that I’m producing through Sunday at The Belfry Theatre.
Though my day job is writing this daily column in The Times.
If you have an idea for a column that you want to see published in The Times, please let us know. Or let us know if you would like to write a column in The Times. 
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