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The Times editor Betsy Reason and her daughter, Addie, dress western for a family gathering.
The Times photo The Times editor Betsy Reason and her daughter, Addie, dress western for a family gathering.
While I think about how special it is to be a mom every day of the year, I especially think about being a mother on Mother’s Day.
I think about how wonderful it is to be a mom and to still have my own mom with us.
My daughter is 12, and my mom is 88. A big difference in ages.
I thought my mom was old when she gave birth to me. But I was really old when I gave birth to my daughter.

Yes, Mother’s Day every year makes me a little teary eyed.
One of the reasons is because my 12-year-old daughter always makes me feel loved. Well, most of the time. She will turn 13 later this month, a teenager. That will be another column
While store-bought cards are nice, my daughter’s handmade cards, that she always makes, are most cherished because it shows how much she cares. She usually draws a pretty picture and writes her own creative message.

As my daughter gets older, I assume there may be fewer and fewer handmade cards. And also, the wearing of fewer and fewer dresses.
But not yet. She actually asked to go shopping and wear dresses this school year, because she was supposed to dress up on the days that she had a seventh-grade girls basketball game.

And she also gets to dress up for show choir competitions, thanks to choir director Jordan Rattenbury, who always wants the choir to look classy.
For Mother’s Day, we always dress up and go out to brunch. Tradition the first 12 years of her life has been to the Noblesville Jim Dandy for all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. We always see a lot of folks we know there and the staff is always friendly. And, on Mother’s Day, moms usually receive a free pink carnation to take home.

Some Mothers Days have been spent driving through the countryside, or visiting Conner Prairie or just doing something fun to spend time together. We also like to visit the grandmas and my daughter likes to sing to them on the phone, a “Happy Mother’s Day.”

One of our traditions is to stop at Gatewood’s Vegetable Farm and Greenhouses in Noblesville, to pick out a large hanging basket of geraniums for our front porch. I usually get pink geraniums, but last year I decided on a beautiful red basket, and I liked it so much that I think red is now my color.

Other moms were there with their families picking out flowers. I like Gatewood’s because it’s local, and again, the friendly Gatewood family, including Bruce and Chelse Gatewood, and Bruce’s mom, Nancy Gatewood, who all greeted me with a smile on their faces. Bruce Gatewood said their business has been busy since the weather’s gotten nice, and they’re expecting more geraniums will arrive in another week or so.

If you weren’t able to visit your mom or call her over the weekend, today’s a good day. Actually, any day is a good day to talk to Mom.

And tell her how special she is - every day of the year.

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