The Times photo by Betsy ReasonNoblesville projects will have lasting community impact.
The Times photo by Betsy Reason

Noblesville projects will have lasting community impact.

What's coming to Noblesville in 2017?

Lots of growth and lots of projects that will have a lasting impact on the community.

The City will work on ways to improve Downtown Noblesville. That vision includes new mixed-use developments for housing, retail and restaurants.

"There is interest there from developers, and providing more living options downtown would energize that area even more," said Robert Herrington, the City's spokesperson, who shared some of the City's exciting plans for 2017.

The public learned about the possibility of an east-west corridor, namely Pleasant Street Extension, in December during a standing-room-only crowd at City Hall. The City will move forward by preparing the community for infrastructure improvements, as it continues to "work, plan and design an east-west corridor," he said.

Noblesville Parking Task Force will continue to address the parking situation on and around the Courthouse Square.

Noblesville Main Street and Hamilton County Tourism, along with the City, are partnering with urban designer, Rachel Johnson of Loci Creative in Noblesville to create an Alley Activation Plan, which would "activate" alleys through art, design and temporary special events. The plan would lay out a long-term vision for how the alleys would be transformed over time to become destinations for the community to enjoy.

The Indiana Arts Commission in December named Noblesville to the Indiana Cultural Districts Program. It's the state's seventh cultural arts district and the second in Hamilton County; Carmel is the first. The designation will enhance Noblesville's cultural arts and is expected to attract more visitors to Downtown Noblesville in 2017. The district includes the new Federal Hill Commons park and amphitheater, Logan Street Sanctuary, Seminary Park, the Nickel Plate Arts Campus and local artists studios.

The third phase of the Riverwalk project continues and will connect the two previously-completed portions behind the Hamilton County Government & Judicial Center and will include the county's Fallen Firefighters Memorial. The project will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to travel from downtown into Forest Park without getting on the street. Along with the project comes more opportunities planned around the White River.

The City is also starting the replacement of street lights. New aluminum poles with banner arms, flower pot hangers and electrical outlets will replace the old cast-iron street lights. The City's first 30 street lights will begin to be installed early this year.

The City will begin construction of Levee Trail and Little Chicago Road Trail and the first phase of Midland Trace Trail. The City will continue to look at ways to use the vacant Firestone land, prepare for the opening of Federal Hill Commons, start construction of Finch Creek Park and Noblesville Fieldhouse and renovate Southside Park. The City will also begin the fourth phase of a wastewater long-term control plan and begin a $6.5 million phosphorus removal project.

Read more about these projects, along with new businesses and expansions coming in 2017, in upcoming editions of The Times.

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