The Times photo by Betsy ReasonThe Husky 4-H’ers oversee grilled-cheese making in the Producers Tent during the Hamilton  County 4-H Fair.
The Times photo by Betsy Reason

The Husky 4-H’ers oversee grilled-cheese making in the Producers Tent during the Hamilton County 4-H Fair.

When I was walking into the Hamilton County 4-H Fair on the first morning, Thursday, I listened as people in front of me were saying how much they enjoy the "smell of the Fair."

The fair really does smell good.

You can smell the horses, the pigs and the cows. It's like going to the farm.

You can also smell the ribeye and lamb burgers and rabbit brats cooking on the grill at the Producers Tent.

And while I've said before that I look forward to the Fair food, I think everyone else does, too.

As the rain slowly came down on Thursday around lunchtime at the Fair, it didn't stop people from coming out and getting in line for food.

A line for the grilled cheese (which was $1 on Thursday with a coupon in the Fair book) went through the Producer's Tent and outside and under the big tree.

We stood in line for a lambburger and waffle fries. My daughter grabbed a Fruit Slush at Westfield Cloverleaves 4-H Club food stand. It's one of the best bargains at the Fair, for $1. She also bought a bratwurst for $4 and a lemon shake-up for $2 at the Mudsockers 4-H Club food stand.

Speaking of Mudsockers, she signed up for the second year to volunteer at the booth, which is in the northeast corner next to Silvernotes' amazing elephant ears. Her job was to make and serve the Muddy Chicken chocolate pudding dessert, which comes with a free song and dance at no extra charge. Last year, she had a big fan club who came out and ordered Muddy Chicken. She poured out the chocolate pudding, sprayed on the whipped topping and topped it with a Peep.

"Muddy Chicken going out," she hollered each time, signifying her fellow 4-H Club members to sing and dance the Chicken Song.

What a deal for a dollar. Plus, this year, again, in the 4-H Fair book, there is a coupon for a free Muddy Chicken dessert coupon when you buy a sandwich and drink.

Also at the Fair, which continues through Monday, Hamilton County 4-H Junior Leaders serve pizza, hot dogs and drinks. First Christian Church sells corndogs, sloppy Joe's and breadsticks. Fishers United Methodist Church has tenderloin and fruit cobbler. New Heights 4-H Club has walking tacos. White Rock Fellowship has iced coffees and chocolate-covered bacon. Ice Guys has snow cones. Bethel Missionary Church has kettle corn, potato fries, blooming onions, gyros, egg rolls, smoothies and ice-cream floats. Noblesville H & H has novelty candy.

Extension Homemakers has a special every day: Chicken and Noodles today, Beef and Noodles on Saturday and choice of either on Sunday, with breakfast, and other lunch and dinner options available daily.

Plus, the Producer's Tent offers Rabbit and Poultry Producers Barbecue today, Pork Producers Barbecue on Saturday, Sheep Producers' Barbecue on Sunday, and Beef Producers Barbecue on Monday, with Joint Producers Barbecue every day after 5 p.m.

And according to 4-H'er Anna Belt, Westfield Whiz Kids 4-H Club has "the best corn-on-the-cob in the world."

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