Another school year has begun, and young Hoosiers throughout the state are growing and learning in their classrooms. For those in grades 6-12 who find themselves struggling with math or science assignments, tutors with the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology are ready to help.
AskRose is a free math and science tutoring service staffed by college students who are majoring in math, science or engineering. Tutors with AskRose are trained on how to use their experience to help students by phone and online, and they protect student privacy and never ask for a last name or phone number. Certified by the National Tutoring Association and funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, the AskRose tutoring service helps young Hoosiers better comprehend homework questions, arrive at the answers themselves, and prepare to tackle similar questions on their own.
When students are stuck by a math or science problem, they can call, email or chat online with a tutor. At the start of the session, the tutor reviews the problem, then guides students until they understand the solution.
Before calling, emailing or chatting online, students need to gather their homework assignment, pen or pencil, paper and a calculator. The tutors have access to many math and science textbooks and other resources used by schools, and are ready to provide guidance.
By phone, call 877-ASK-ROSE or chat online by visiting from 7-10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. Questions can be emailed at any time, and responses will be provided during the operating hours. Tutoring appointments can also be scheduled.
Study guides, video lessons and other educational resources are also provided by AskRose. Students can get tips on test-taking, note-taking, time management, essay writing and more.
According to the PEW Research Center, STEM training in college is associated with higher earnings, whether working in a STEM occupation or not. To explore career fields in science, technology, engineering and math, visit
For more information and to get help with a math or science assignments, call 877-ASK-ROSE or visit Whether it’s trigonometry, chemistry or physics, a team of tutors with AskRose are ready to help turn “Huh?” into “AHA!”
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