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  • Listen to the old folks, they can teach you something
    1/15/2021 A long time ago, when I was still a young man (which makes it a realllly long time ago), I would often bug those older than me. It seems I had a never-ending list of career questions.
    How do you move up?
    How do you get so many things accomplished?
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  • Budgets, forecasts and processes
    1/8/2021 For those who have been in big business a long time, there’s nothing I’m going to write this week about the budget process that you don’t already know. However, if you are new to the process, or if you are just bored silly, come on along.
    Let’s begin by getting on the record that I am not a fan of budgets. No, it’s not that they are painful, time-consuming and laborious (although they are all those things), it’s that they too often have four problems:
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  • Hammer asks: What’d we get with Biden?
    12/31/2020 “Enough!”
    The sweet vocals of Joni Mitchell were interrupted by John Hammer’s booming voice and hand slamming the thin veneer of my office door.
    (Note to self – don’t forget to pick up Depend for Men underwear.)
    “Timmons, this whole thing is ridiculous!”
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  • The Night Before Christmas? Hardly!
    12/23/2020 Years ago, when I used to work in the toy department that we call sports, it was not uncommon for a coach having a bad season to say his favorite thing was it would soon be over.
    I guess we know how they felt now, huh.
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  • Show some Christmas spirit
    12/18/2020 So Christmas is no longer that big, looming deadline off in the distance. It’s here. Now. Right now! You’re in crunch time. There are hours to go before the big guy comes sliding down the chimney and good little boys and girls all over the world get their just rewards . . . while some of us wonder what you can do with one lump of coal.
    I digress.
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  • Humor that could come from either side of the aisle
    12/3/2020 OK, so half the country has lost its mind. Which half? Depends on what side of the fence you’re standing on. 
    Add to that the anger and frustration we’re seeing and things don’t look so good right now.
    After all, the presidential race is over. Or is it?
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  • Interviews are not all same
    11/27/2020 Without a doubt, there are more challenges to hiring today than ever before – at least in my working 40+ years. While some of those challenges have a lot to do with the candidates, some end up squarely on those of us making hiring decisions.
    Picture this: A job interview is the scene. One person is the interviewer and the other the interviewee.
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  • Rambling thoughts on Thanksgiving
    11/25/2020 Tomorrow is the day some of us typically leave adulting behind for a bit. I say some because unlike me, many of you are mature. In addition, and much more importantly, a lot of good folks will be working tomorrow – including first responders who deserve far more than just our giving thanks!
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  • Figure out who not to hire
    11/20/2020 We hear horror stories these days when it comes to hiring. The most common is that employers can’t find applicants to fill openings. But we also hear that people accept jobs and then don’t show up. Or worse, they show up at the appointed day and hour but quit somewhere between the first break and lunch.
    Holy cow! How did we get here?
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  • Go tell it on the mountain . . .
    11/13/2020 OK, this won’t sound at all surprising coming from a newspaper guy, but when it comes to job openings there are three rules to remember:
    1. Advertise!
    2. Advertise!
    3. Advertise!
    Seriously, advertise! Don’t be like those companies that have an opening and the only thing they do is stick a sign out front. 
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