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  • Minimum wage
    4/9/2021 If you own a small business, you may well be worried over all this $15 minimum wage mandate.
    You should be.
    Unfortunately, most of it is out of your hands. Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely work like the dickens and help candidates get elected who will better represent your point of view, or if they already are, then help keep them in office. But that’s been true for decades.
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  • Well, that explains a lot . . .
    4/8/2021 Life in the big-city newspaper world is a non-stop, busy – sometimes hectic – whirlwind of frantic activity.
    The constant clanging of teletype machines, copy boys scurrying about, being yelled at by crusty copy editors enveloped in blue-gray clouds of cigarette smoke.
    Oh, sorry – wrong decade. Still though, we’re pretty danged busy.
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  • Getting better easy as A – B – C
    4/2/2021 Old friend Charlie Farrell, who I think is just about the best guy in the world when it comes to teaching efficiency and leadership, says that time management is a fallacy.
    I agree.
    You don’t? Well, I didn’t either the first time I sat through one of Charlie’s seminars. Said so, as a matter of fact.
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  • Two-way street? Maybe not
    4/1/2021 I love ‘70s music. The ‘60s are pretty darn close. We all have our own musical tastes, but for me, the era of Motown, mixed in with some good, old fashioned rock’n’roll from the ‘60s and ‘70s is the best there is.
    The iPod had my favorite playlist going Saturday morning. The office was deserted and I was on a roll. The tune was straight out of 1972 . . . the O’Jays belting out one of their big hits, Backstabbers . . . 
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  • Why is every boss an idiot?
    3/26/2021 Try this – send the boss an e-mail today. Tell her or him what you really think. Don’t hold back. Get it off your chest! Let ‘er rip!
    And then wrap it up with a note that says April Fool.
    Think that’ll fly? Me neither.
    But it does bring up a point worth considering – what is your opinion of your boss? If it’s so bad that the silly suggestion above would get you in hot water then the big question is, why do you work there? 
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  • Don Roberts was one of THOSE teachers
    3/24/2021 If you passed through the hallowed halls of good, ol’ Noblesville High School from the mid-‘60s until the late ‘80s, you probably knew, or at least knew of, Don Roberts.
    Years later, he would become a much-beloved man around Noblesville. A warm-hearted individual who played Santa Claus at Christmas and grandfather to kids all over the place.
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  • Lessons my wife has taught me
    3/19/2021 I’m almost always the first to admit that I’m a nerd. I’m always picking up management articles and magazines. I watch Jeopardy and cable channels like National Geographic, Discovery and such. I look for (and usually find) lessons everywhere in almost everything. So it makes sense I’d be the first person to admit it.
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  • In the winter of life . . . .
    3/18/2021 I used to write for a living, and it was the most fun job I ever had. Then, in my so-called infinite wisdom, I decided I wanted to move up the corporate ladder and become a boss.
    What was I thinking?
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  • The harder you work, the luckier you get
    3/12/2021 Unless you’re a serious baseball fan, you probably never heard of Vernon Louis Gomez. However, I’ll bet you know something about him.
    He pitched in the big leagues for the New York Yankees and Washington Senators for more than a dozen years. When he finally retired, he had been a seven-time All-Star and was 11 victories shy of the magic 200. As far as milestones go, he won five World Series games without a loss, was voted one of the top 100 players of all time by the Sporting News and was known as a brushback pitcher who would throw at his own mother (“You’re damn right I would,” he was quoted as saying. “She’s a good hitter.”)
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  • Life is easy – too easy maybe?
    3/11/2021 We got trouble, my friend, right here in Nob City. Trouble, with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for . . . politics.
    (OK, maybe not as smooth as “pool,” but you get the drift – and my apologies to the wonderful Harold Hill, aka, Robert Preston).
    It seems we’re all about comparisons today, so I hesitate to say that life now is any better or worse than it was in the 1960s when riots and protests shook our cities.
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