Dear Editor,
After reading the front-page article in The Times about the new Etch A Sketch logo design for the City of Noblesville, I felt compelled to respond.
If it were the First of April, it would qualify as a first-class attempt at “fooling everyone…” Sadly, I understand that this simplistic, bland design which would have taken a junior high student no more than 10 minutes to draft using any one of a dozen graphics software packages available, cost the citizens of Noblesville $20,000!
I do remember reading several months ago that 5 “final drafts” were chosen for local citizens to vote on to select the unnecessary step to replace the “old” logo. But who selected this simple doodle as the new logo, as none of the five final alternatives were even considered?
This morning as I ate breakfast, I casually read the usual fodder on the side of the cereal box. Incredibly, there was a design for the company that distributed the cereal very similar to the new logo. Reminds me of the days of my youth when we used to cut out the circled star bursts from the top of the cardboard cereal box and send them in for a Captain Midnight decoder ring. Perhaps cutting out the new logo and sending it to the Mayor’s Office you will get a sugar- coated explanation defending this $20,000 solution for a problem that did not exist.
Frankly, cereal box aside, the only thing this “new sterile logo” is missing is the bar code!
Admittedly, the old logo was dated a bit. But why not blend an artistic rendering of the Court House with whatever those expensive consultants can pull out of their file drawer for a “newer” logo?
Oh, and one more thing. Outside of Indiana, how many people know where Noblesville is? In an era when we think internationally, globally, and beyond, wouldn’t you imagine it would have been helpful to inscribe the word “I-N-D-I-A-N-A “somewhere in the logo? At least the “designer” of the old logo was quick-witted enough to include that! For $20,000, I think the Mayor can go back to his cronies at the consulting firm and like a savvy Wheel of Fortune contestant, buy 4 vowels and 3 consonants to further identify Noblesville’s location.
John Kraft
Fifth generation Noblesville native
Noblesville High School 1963
Tallahassee, Fla.