The Times obtained a copy of the complete list of local candidates who have filed their candidacy for the 2019 municipal primary as of Thursday evening. Candidates have until noon on Friday, Feb. 8, to file. Candidates are listed below by office they filed for, along with their political party affiliation and the date they officially filed.

Mayor of Noblesville
Mike Corbett (R) (Jan. 9)
Julia Church Kozicki (R) (Jan. 9)
Christopher Jensen (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Clerk
Evelyn L. Lees (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Judge
Matt Cook (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, District 1
Terry L. Busby (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, District 2
Pete Schwartz (R) (Jan. 9)
Mark Skipper (R) (Jan. 10)
Noblesville City Council, District 3
Rick L Taylor (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, District 4
Wil Hampton (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, District 5
Greg O’Connor (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, District 6
Megan G. Wiles (R) (Jan. 9)
Noblesville City Council, At Large
Brian K. Ayer (R) (Jan. 9)
Mark W Boice (R) (Jan. 9)
Darren Peterson (R) (Jan. 9)

Mayor of Carmel
James Brainard (R) (Jan. 9),
Carmel City Clerk
Sue Wolfgang (R) (Jan. 9)
Carmel City Judge
Brian GPoindexter (R) (Jan. 10)
Angela (Angie) Swenson (R) (Jan. 10)
Carmel City Council, Central District (District 1)
Bruce Kimball (R) (Jan. 9)
Carmel City Council, Northeast District (District 2)
Sue Finkam (R) (Jan. 9)
Carmel City Council, North District (District 4)
Laura D. Campbell (R) (Jan. 9)
Carmel City Council, Southwest District (District 5)
Matt Milam (R) (Jan. 10)
Carmel City Council, West District (District 6)
Miles Nelson (D) (Jan. 9)
Carmel City Council, At Large
Ron Carter (R) (Jan. 9)
Kevin Woody Rider (R) (Jan. 9)
Jeff Worrell (R) (Jan. 9)

Fishers City Clerk
Jackie Bowen (R) (Jan. 9)
Fishers City Judge
Daniel E. Henke (R) (Jan. 10)
Fishers City Council, North Central
Eric Moeller (R) (Jan. 9)
Fishers City Council, Northeast
Brad DeReamer (R) (Jan. 9)
Fishers City Council, Northwest
Mike Colby (R) (Jan. 9)
Fishers City Council, Southwest
David C. George (R) (Jan. 9)
Fishers City Council, At Large
Cecilia Coble (R) (Jan. 9)
Todd Zimmerman (R) (Jan. 9)

Mayor of Westfield
Andy Cook (R) (Jan. 10)
Westfield City Clerk Treasurer
Cindy Gossard(R) (Jan. 9)
Westfield City Council, District 1
Scott Willis (R) (Jan. 10)
Westfield City Council, District 3
Joe Edwards (R) (Jan. 10)
Westfield City Council, District 4
Charles Lehman (R) (Jan. 10)
Westfield City Council, District 5
Jeff Boller (R) (Jan. 10)
Westfield City Council, At Large
Jim Ake (R) (Jan. 9)

Cicero Town Clerk Treasurer
Rhonda S. Gary (R) (Jan. 10)

Sheridan Town Council, District 3
Daniel Bragg (R) (Jan. 9)