Mike Corbett
Mike Corbett
The Mike Corbett for Mayor campaign is launching a promotion to help drive holiday traffic to Noblesville’s courthouse square.
“This was originally conceived as a response to the city’s decision to move the Santa House,” said Corbett. Last week the city reversed course after realizing it didn’t have the authority to move the house, which has been a holiday tradition for several generations.
“Right after the initial announcement I got a call from Rosie Hoistion, owner of Old Picket Fence,” said Corbett. “She and other merchants were worried that they’d lose out on vital holiday revenue. Fearing the city was ignoring the concerns of both merchants and their customers, my campaign team and I put our heads together and came up with what we’re calling ‘Elf on the Square’. Even after news came down that the Santa House would remain on the square the merchants agreed that this promotion would still be a great way to support our local businesses.”
The promotion will begin on Sunday, November 25, and run for the four weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Use clues to identify what downtown shop the Elf is hiding in. Once inside you’ll need to locate our mischievous friend so you can tell the cashier and claim your prize! More details will be released in the coming weeks.   
“My hope is that this will provide a fun, family friendly way for people to experience many of the amazing local businesses we have on the courthouse square,” said Corbett. “This will be a great event and it illustrates what can happen when we communicate well and work together. While I’m delighted that the Santa House will remain in place, I’m concerned about the city’s plan to set up a separate, taxpayer funded Santa experience at Federal Hill Commons.”
Mike Corbett is running for mayor in May’s primary election. His campaign is focusing on transparency and communication, among other issues. “This is what real leadership looks like,” said Michael Saner, campaign manager for Mike Corbett for Mayor. “Mike saw a problem and he didn’t tell everyone to get over it or dismiss their concerns, he went to them and asked ‘What’s your concern and how can I help?’. This is the kind of collaborative problem solving we can expect from City Hall should Mike become mayor. We as citizens deserve nothing less.”