Today is Friday, Feb. 14.
Valentine's Day.
Is it a holiday just for women? I beg to differ.
That’s why I went on a mission in downtown Noblesville to find men to tell us what they really want for Valentine’s Day.
Here’s what they said:
Name: Bill Prater
Age: 69
City: Noblesville
Occupation: Owner of Kirk Hardware on the Square.
Where found: Working at his store.
Wants for Valentine's Day: “What I want for Valentine’s Day is just to have my grandsons around and enjoy them.”
Name: Travis Stetnish
Age: 34
City: Noblesville
Occupation: Street Superintendent for City of Westfield.
Where found: On the Square.
Wants for Valentine's Day: A perfect Valentine’s Day would be a happy wife .... I love my wife.``
Name: Chris Cloud
Age: 37
City: Noblesville
Occupation: Information Technology.
Where found: Playing games at Moonshot Games.
Wants for Valentine's Day: “Big into fancy dinners. But I’m more of a homebody, so maybe staying in, watching our favorite movie, cuddling up and having dinner inside the house (with girlfriend).”
Name: Mike Schmaltz
Age: 46
City: Noblesville
Occupation: Bartender/manager for Grindstone Public House.
Where found: Working at his job.
Wants for Valentine's Day: “Hanging out with my wife and doing whatever.”
Name: Seth Tucker
Age: 29
City: Noblesville
Occupation: Barista at Noble Coffee & Tea, a personal trainer and a wedding photographer.
Where found: Working at his barista job.
Wants for Valentine's Day: “My homemade dinner, keep it kind of intimate, sort of special. When it’s a thing that you make, I feel it’s a little different than something that you buy.”
Name: John Logan
Age: 17
City: Noblesville
School: Junior at Noblesville High School.
Where found: Hanging out with school friends at Noble Coffee & Tea.
Wants for Valentine's Day: My perfect Valentine’s Day would be a good meal, a hearty meal …. And sitting in my room with my girlfriend. Spending good quality time with the people I care about, the people I love, the people I hold dear to my heart.”
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