The IHSAA Cross Country State Finals saw a multitude of Hamilton County runners on Saturday. In the boys’ race, Carmel took home the state championship as a team, with Fishers finishing as a team in third and Hamilton Southeastern finishing as a team in 13. In the girls’ race, Carmel led all Hamilton County teams with a fourth place finish, followed by Hamilton Southeastern at fifth, Fishers in seventh and Noblesville in ninth.
Individually in the boys’ race, Quinn Gallagher of Guerin Catholic led all Hamilton County runners with a fifth place finish to go along with a total time of 15:45.7. Fishers’ Ethan Meyer also grabbed a top-ten finish, ending in ninth place with a time of 16:00.1. Calvin Bates of Carmel and Tim Hickner of Noblesville both grabbed top-20 finishes, with Bates finishing in 19 with a total time of 16:14.0 and Hickner finishing in 21 with a total time of 16:15.9. Other finishes from individuals in Hamilton County included Fishers’ Alex Meyer in 30, Fishers’ Drew Smith in 32, Carmel’s Grant Moon in 33, Carmel’s Ben Johnson in 40, Carmel’s Will Murphy in 46, Carmel’s Cameron Harless in 68, Carmel’s Thomas Gastineau in 74, Fishers’ Jared Halamka in 80, Hamilton Southeastern’s Eric Swinson in 82, Fishers’ Quintin Goldman in 86, Hamilton Southeastern’s Eric Carothers in 102, Fishers’ Thomas Brelage in 109, Carmel’s Patrick Campbell in 112, Hamilton Southeastern’s Nolan Satterfield in 115, Hamilton Southeastern’s Jacob Wiggers in 117 and Fishers’ Dylan Arive in 125.
Individually in the girls’ race, Lulu Black of Hamilton Southeastern led all Hamilton County runners with a finish in 10 and a total time of 18:37.5. Other finishes from individuals in Hamilton County included Fishers’ Vera Schafer in 33, Noblesville’s Sophie Reichard in 39, Hamilton Southeastern’s Halle Hill in 42, Carmel’s Phoebe Bates in 49, Hamilton Southeastern’s Lilly Cummins in 54, Carmel’s Abby Parker in 55, Carmel’s Lindsey Roper in 67, Hamilton Heights’ Maria Mitchell in 75, Noblesville’s Madison King in 76, Fishers’ Abigail Carter in 78, Carmel’s Jamie Klavon in 79, Fishers’ Teresa Kraft in 81, Fishers’ Debbie Shera in 85, Noblesville’s Aubrey Swart in 86, Carmel’s Brooke Waldal in 88, Carmel’s Alivia Romaniuk in 90, Fishers’ Elizabeth Barrett in 104, Hamilton Southeastern’s Lilly Patrick in 105, Fishers’ Miya Wai in 107, Noblesville’s Taylor Gregory in 118, Carmel’s Anna Christie in 119, Hamilton Southeastern’s Maddie Mirro in 121 and Noblesville’s Aubrie Deal in 124.