Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard today issued a clarification of orders from the Governor’s office as it pertains to places of amusement. Under the state’s order, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and other similar areas of outdoor interaction have been closed. In addition, Mayor Brainard has ordered all golf courses closed in Carmel because golfers are touching flags, using carts, retrieving balls from cups – which poses a problem because the COVID-19 virus can live on these kinds of surfaces for up to three days.
“The governor made an exception for golf courses, but the number of COVID-19 cases in Hamilton County is far higher than the state average, so I issued this order today under the authority I have to limit non-essential travel,” said Mayor Brainard. “In other words, travel to golf courses, except for walking, is prohibited. Maintenance of golf courses is still allowed.”
The city is working with the golf course managers on appropriate protocols. The order may be able to be relaxed if proper protocols are instituted.
The Mayor also issued an order closing Midtown Plaza and the Monon Greenway between Gradle Drive and Main Street. He also reminded the public about the prohibition against outdoor dining on city sidewalks and parks, as directed by the State in order to prevent the violation of orders pertaining to social distancing.
“We know that the warm weather is a temptation for our residents to get out and gather in large groups, as we saw yesterday along the Monon Greenway. We must resist this activity, stop sharing sports equipment such as tennis balls and basketballs and keep our distance from one another in order to stop this deadly virus from spreading,” said Mayor Brainard.
Indiana Code 36-8-2-4 allows a city to regulate conduct or use of property that might endanger the public health, safety, or welfare.
Many parks and our other 230 miles of trails and paths remain open for walking and bicycling, but the City asks that people not exceed the maximum number of 10 people when spending time outside. While you are able to still carry out food from restaurants, it is not okay for you to use the outdoor dining areas at these restaurants. When the order was issued to close restaurants, it was intended to include both inside and outdoor dining areas. There is too great a potential for spreading the virus by sitting at sidewalk and patio tables.
The city has requested that Zagster, the vendor who operates the city bike share, to cease operations due to the inability to clean the bicycles and stations after every use.