Bill Clifford
Bill Clifford
Calling himself "the guy," Bill Clifford, a 12 year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, announced his candidacy for Sheriff in the May 2018 primary election.

He cited three goals during his official announcement Wednesday at the Hamilton County War Memorial, fighting the opioid epidemic, enforcing the county's sex offender registry, and working with mental health issues.

"We have a job to do. I don't know it all, and I can't do it all," Clifford said. "It's going to take all of us, working together to address the issues we all face."

As a patrol officer Clifford said he has been on the scene of a people who have died of opioid overdoses

"Opioids are killing our people. Opioids cause death," Clifford said.

He said a priority of the department will be to work with other law enforcement agencies, health and mental health experts to find ways to combat the problem.

"We will work with our communities and mental health professionals to identify ways we can combat this drug," he said.

Clifford also said if elected, he intends to make sure those who are supposed to register as a sex offender know the department is going to be watching them.

"The registry is going to be a priority. We're going to make those who should be registered know we're out there,' he said.

His third priority will be to work with professionals to find programs and develop strategies for dealing with people dealing with mental health issues who find themselves in jail.

"We have to do more. I want to work with professionals to develop programs to address mental health issues in some of our prisoners," he said.

Clifford attended college at IUPUI studying criminal justice. He joined the Westfield Police Department in 1986.

He was then recruited by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in 1990 to be a Deputy, and from 1993-2004, Clifford was a Detective where he worked undercover.

Since 2005 Bill Clifford has been a Sergeant for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

Clifford and his wife Sheryl have three children, Sydney, Will and Mike.

They currently live in Westfield where they attend St. Maria Goretti.