The Noblesville Farmers Market is every Saturday morning at the new location, Federal Hill Commons
The Noblesville Farmers Market is every Saturday morning at the new location, Federal Hill Commons
Saturday was the first time I'd visited the Noblesville Farmers Market this season.

It wasn't that I haven't wanted to go. We've been busy.

This past Saturday, I decided it was time to go to the market. We left early enough to find a parking space in the park's Green Room lot at the former bank, which still conveniently has a automated teller machine.

The first person we saw strolling the market was Noblesville First Lady Teri Ditslear, Mayor John Ditslear's wife, who said "good morning," and went on her way, filling her shopping list. Later, I we saw her with her arms full, carrying a flat of herbs, and she also bought flower planters, all for Roots of Life, a church she started and pastors in Noblesville.

We went to the market with hungry bellies, looking for breakfast. We found biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls and freshly squeezed orange juice at the Sunrise Cafe booth and a place to sit on the picnic tables at the park. It's really nice, now, to be able to find plenty of shaded seating at the market's new location.

For those who go there for breakfast, there are lots of consumable choices, from fresh fruits and veggies to take home, to prepared items to eat there. We found breakfast sandwiches and wraps filled with eggs, sausage, cheese and more. We found rib tips, pulled pork and turkey legs. We found banana bread, sugar cream pie and tamales. We found Laotian cuisine, hot dogs and angus beef. There were fruity roll-ups, popcorn, beef jerky, vinaigrettes, salad mixes, maple syrup, honey, kettle corn, coffees, jams, organic dip mixes and peanut butter.

It was quite a pleasant experience. The market each week has live entertainment. On Saturday, a guitar player strummed tunes, and street performer Michael Gobert danced old-school popping and boogaloo.

Feeling lucky, we bought our annual Duck Race tickets for $5 each at a booth set up by Noblesville Main Street, which organizes the market. The duck race is Sept. 9, when purchased ducks are dumped into the White River and float downstream to the Logan Street bridge. Hundreds of people gather to watch the race and cheer on their ducks, in hopes of winning the grand prize of $1,000. For more about the market, visit

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