Aspire Indiana has appointed Jim Skeel as the organization's Vice President of Quality, and Janey Trout as Vice President of Human Resources.

Vice President of Quality is a new position, added as the company restructures some of its leadership roles.

Skeel has been with the organization since 1999 and has held the positions of Child Team Manager, Clinical Director of Outpatient Services, and Quality Improvement Directorand Senior Director, Performance and Outcomes. He was also instrumental in the successful merger of the Center for

Mental Health and BehaviorCorp, which formed Aspire Indiana in 2009.

Skeel earned a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Ball State University in 1993. He spent his early career at Charter Beacon Behavioral Health Systems in Fort Wayne.

"I am excited that Aspire is increasing its focus on data to drive quality and high performance within the organization. Developing measures to support our growth and innovation is a key to success for us," Skeel said.

In his new position, Skeel will oversee the collection, integration, and effective use of Aspire's performance and clinical outcomes data to further promote the organization's mission and priorities. He will also develop performance outcome targets and measurements in order to improve the overall health of those served by Aspire.

"I trust no one as much as Jim Skeel to bring us the data analytics that we need to make it in the new healthcare arena," said Barbara Scott, Aspire president and CEO.

Trout's appointment comes as the organization makes some changes in its leadership structure.

Trout has an extensive background in Human Resources with more than 23 years of experience in a variety of industries, including economic development and public schools.

She has a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Taylor University and began her professional work career as a therapist and caseworker in the area of mental health.

"I am very honored and excited to move into my new role at Aspire as we fulfill our PILLAR values. As a former social worker, I love being able to contribute to our overall mission to serve our clients and become a 'Best Place To Work' for our employees," Trout said.

Scott said she made the leadership structure change in order to work more closely with

Human Resources as Aspire strives to become an official "Best Place to Work."

"I believe our high performance goals as an organization require a more internal focus," Scott said.