Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) felt the impact when the train she was riding on and a truck collided Wednesday morning near Charlottesville, Va.
Then she saw the strewn remains on the truck littering yards next to the tracks and said she knew it was bad.
Brooks, was on board a train carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat, when the collision occurred.
One person is confirmed dead, another injured, but Brooks was unhurt.
“I hit my knee on the seat in front of me, and my head went back, but I’m OK. I wasn’t injured at all,” Brooks said.
Others on the train were hurt, but there were no serious injuries on board.
“Some of the people standing in the aisles were knocked to the floor,” Brooks said. “It’s tragic, and it’s just been an awful day. My prayers go out to those people in the truck,” Brooks said.
She said when the accident occurred, member of the congressional delegation who are doctors, started moving toward the wreckage, as did members of the congressional medical staff.
“At one point someone came and asked if there were any more doctors,” she said.
Brooks accompanied some of her colleagues to the University of Virginia Medical Center, to provide support.
Brooks responded on Twitter, 30 minutes after the accident.
“Me & my Chief of Staff, Megan Savage, are okay. Prayers for those who were injured & those who have suffered any injury on the train. So grateful for the doctors in Congress who are helping as we speak,” she said.
The train was near Crozet, Va., heading for White Sulphur Springs, W.Va., when the accident occurred, around 11:20 a.m. Wednesday.
Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) also was on the train, and said, via Twitter, he as unhurt.
The train will return to Charlottesville, Va., and those on the train, including Rep. Brooks and Savage, will proceed via bus caravan to West Virginia for the GOP retreat.
The retreat is an annual outing for GOP members of Congress. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak to those attending today, and President Donald Trump is expected to speak tomorrow.