The final roster of candidates vying to fill the remainder of State Senator Luke Kenley's term has been set. The caucus is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, at the Ivy Tech Auditorium, 300 North 17th St., Noblesville.

The candidates are:

• Brad Beaver

• Sue Finkam

• Mark Hall

• Joe Morris

• Dan Schmidt

• Victoria Spartz

• Megan Wiles

The caucus will be presided over by Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Kyle Hupfer. Each candidate will be recognized in alphabetical order and given two minutes for someone to speak on their behalf as a way of introduction and three minutes to speak on their own behalf.

Votes cast will be done by secret ballot and tallied by two tellers designated by the State Chairman. Each candidate may designate one person to serve as a watcher on the candidate's behalf during the tabulation of votes.

If a majority of 50 percent plus 1 of eligible voters present is reached on the first ballot, a winner will be declared. If no candidate receives a majority vote on the first ballot, the person (or persons in the case of a tie) with the lowest number of votes will be dropped and a second ballot conducted. This process will continue until a candidate receives the required majority vote.

A Facebook Live Stream will be available at for members of the public who wish to watch the caucus live.