Community creativity will again be on display at the annual Welcome to Fairyville event. Nickel Plate Arts is calling on individuals, families, businesses and organizations to create fairy houses to display on its Fairy Trail in downtown Noblesville in April.

The Fairy House contest aims to spark creativity and collaboration among community members and celebrates Earth Day by encouraging participants to use mostly natural materials in their houses. Previous participants have used materials ranging from sticks and stones to pinecones and flower pots to complete their creations. Prizes include cash, gift certificates and craft supplies.

Visitors can see the houses and vote on their favorites at the Nickel Plate Arts campus from April 19-21. On April 21, the houses will move to the Fairy Trail through downtown Noblesville, where guests can see them in their "natural habitats."

"Nothing makes me happier than seeing children and adults alike delighting in the whimsy and adventure of our Fairyville trail," says Nickel Plate Arts Director Aili McGill. "This is the perfect example of how local artists and craftspeople can create something unique and memorable that can not only define our community, but serve as a public amenity that everyone can enjoy.

Houses must be delivered to Nickel Plate Arts by Monday, April 17. The winners will be announced on Fairy Friday, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. April 21.

A gallery of last year's entries can be viewed on Nickel Plate's Facebook page.