The City of Noblesville and Noblesville Main Street are asking patrons to be mindful of where they park when attending events at Federal Hill Commons.

Since the park's grand opening on May 13, officials have noticed that nearby private parking lots are being used instead of larger public lots.

"We want to encourage people to use the Riverview Health overflow lot directly across from Federal Hill Commons so normal business operations can continue in the private parking lots around the park. A police officer is stationed at the intersection of Conner Street and Indiana 19 to assist pedestrians in crossing," said Noblesville Parks Director Brandon Bennett. "We appreciate our neighbors being understanding, but we want to make sure we are not intruding on their businesses during events because there is plenty of parking opportunities in public spaces."

To ensure patrons have the opportunity to park and shop at those businesses, "No Event Parking" signs will be placed at the entrances to the private parking lot north of Logan Street (which includes Kroger) starting Saturday, June 17.

"Demand for the Farmers Market has steadily increased each of the last three years. Seeing attendance at an all-time high, we've been monitoring traffic with staff from Noblesville Parks and the Noblesville Police Department," said Chris Owens, chief executive officer of Noblesville Main Street. "All three of our organizations are working collaboratively to educate our patrons to the parking options around Federal Hill Commons. We have directed our collective efforts to helping people transition to this wonderful new venue."

Federal Hill Commons was designed as a walkable urban park and parking spaces onsite are limited, especially during special events. However, there are more than 1,100 free public parking spaces within a five minute walk to the park that are available to guests.