Hamilton County Neighborhood Development received a Servaas Memorial Award from Indiana Landmarks, recently.

HAND received a $2,000 prize along with the award, for restoring three historic buildings to provide low-income apartments, and revive a blighted area in downtown Noblesville.

"The organization creates housing for low-income people in the wealthiest county in the stats - a steep challenge when census data sends grant funds elsewhere," said Marsh Davis, Indiana Landmarks president.

The Roper Lofts occupy two formerly deteriorated vacant buildings, 304 and 347 South Eighth Street, built c.1870 and c.1898 respectively.

HAND expanded its presence on the block, tackling a late-nineteenth century building across the street that had been vacant 10 years.

"We applaud HAND's restoration standards and its commitment to combining low-income housing, preservation, and community revitalization," Davis said.

HAND's executive Director Jennifer Miller accepted the award.

The annual Servaas Memorial Awards are presented for achievement in historic preservation.