Board meeting
Cool Creek Park Nature Center
2000-1 E. 151st Street
Carmel, IN 46033
Sept. 14, 2020
**Executive Session 6pm-Land Acquisition**
A. Call to Order 6:30 PM
B. Approval of Aug. 17, 2020 Minutes
C. Finance Report:
1. Approval of Payroll
2. Approval of Claims
D. Committee Reports
1. Conservatory Committee Report
E. Old Business:
1. COVID-19 Updates
2. Land Acquisition
3. Coxhall Gardens Clay Township Shelter/Tables
4. SKP Snowcat Storage Building
5. Koteewi Maintenance Facility
6. Project Updates
a. Lake Opening
b. Security Cameras
7. SKP Vendor Rent Collection
F. New Business
G. Director’s Report
H. Deputy Director’s Report
I. Superintendent of Natural Resources and Education’s Report
J. Regional Parks Operations Manager’s Report
K. Resource Development Specialist Report
L. Additions/Announcements