STATEHOUSE – The House of Representatives voted in support of State Rep. Donna Schaibley’s (R-Carmel) bill that would establish clear guidelines for health insurance plans requiring prior authorization for procedures or treatments.
Prior authorization is part of an insurance billing process where health care providers must receive approval from the patient’s health coverage plan indicating the treatment is medically necessary. Schaibley’s proposal would specify certain requirements to protect patients and facilitate the prior authorization process between providers and insurers.
“Currently, different insurance providers have different prior authorization procedures, which can create confusion and delay,” Schaibley said. “By providing these guidelines, we propose to streamline the process and help to get patients the medical care they need in a timely manner.”
According to Schaibley, the bill also provides for the electronic submission of prior authorization requests which will further streamline the process.
The bill would not apply to health care plans offered by local governments.
House Bill 1143 can now move to the Senate for further consideration.