This April, and every April, join Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide to raise awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month. Prevention Organizations nationwide embark on this mission every April in order to not only raise awareness, but also demonstrate how to recognize the signs of abuse and how to prevent it. Director of Education and Community Relations, Maggie Owens stated “During this time of a nationwide pandemic, there will be an increase of children who are experiencing abuse and neglect. 80% of reported child abuse happens in the home or at the hands of someone that a family knows and trusts”. Part of the evidenced-based curriculum ICPYAS uses encourages students to find several trusted adults in their lives. “One of the challenges we see is that there are kids who are unable to talk to their trusted adults now that they aren’t going to school, sporting events, or church. It is important that we as a community step up for these children. In the state of Indiana, we are all mandated reporters so if you have reason to suspect a child is endanger, stand up for kids and call local law enforcement or 800-800-5556 to make a report” Owens said.
As the mission reflects, ICPYAS works diligently to end abuse and save lives. During this time, families are experiencing a new amount of stress and worry, changes in job structure and schooling, and the added layer of fear and anxiety. “We urge everyone to find ways to keep their mental health a priority, whether taking a walk, connecting with a family member, or finding a hobby. We know that this is a difficult time and although our staff is working remotely, we are still connected and available to guide you in any way that you need”, stated Owens.
In an effort to raise awareness and provide additional resources, ICPYAS are offering free online training opportunities for individuals to sign up for Stewards of Children as well as QPR. Stewards of Children focuses on an adult centered Child Abuse Prevention and awareness program to recognize the signs of abuse as well as how to react appropriately. QPR is one of the Suicide Prevention programs that would be beneficial to anyone at anytime, but especially right now. Visit their website, for online resources as well as a way to register for these training opportunities.
About Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide
The Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse & Suicide (ICPYAS) was founded in 2001. ICPYAS works passionately to end youth abuse and suicide through their educational programs. With almost two decades of experience, ICPYAS provides evidence-based programming to educate youth and adults, empowering them to recognize, react and locate the appropriate resources available for help. They offer five comprehensive programs that support their mission as they actively work towards a day when there will be no more abuse or suicide in the lives of Hoosier children.