Tom Kenley is seeking a second term as Noblesville Township Trustee.

 “It has been a pleasure serve all the residents of Noblesville Township over the past three years as your Trustee.  We have accomplished a great deal during my first term and I am interested in continuing to serve the township to the best of my ability for a second term,” Kenley said.

He cited lowering general property taxes during his time in office.

“I cannot promise further tax cuts but pledge to keep rates as low as possible for our residents. In addition to a lower township tax rate we have expanded services to the community in many ways,” he said.  

In Indiana township trustees are required, by state law, perform the following duties:

  • Keeping a written record of official proceedings.
  • Managing all township property interests.
  • Keeping township records open for public inspection.
  • Attending all meetings of the township legislative body.
  • Receiving and paying out township funds.
  • Examining and settling all accounts and demands chargeable against the township.
  • Administering township assistance
  • Providing and maintaining cemeteries
  • Providing fire protection
  • Filing an annual personnel report
  • Providing and maintain township parks and community centers
  • Destroying detrimental plants, noxious weeds, and rank vegetation
  • Performing other duties prescribed by statute.

The 2018 Primary Election is scheduled for May 8. The General Election is scheduled for Nov. 6.